Trail Conditions

Central Trail

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Eastern Trail

Well we finally have a start!!!! We will take it but definitely not the right kind to start a trail with. Very fluffy and full of air that will not hold any weight. Good thing is no wind, and therefore no banks, which is unusual around here. We need snowmobilers to drive and pack down snow before we will be able to do anything with the groomers. If we went now all we would do is push the snow off the trail with the drag when it is this light. Once it is driven on, the air will come out of it and hopefully there will be a few inches left to work with. If it is cold enough we will try and make something of it. Hopefully more soon
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KASA Trail

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Springside Trail

The groomer has completed the trail on the 209 through Crapaud, Kinkora and is now in Emerald. He is turning around and heading back on the 209 to home base. Along the way this afternoon he had to move some big trees that were blocking the trail, there were also some fields in the vicinity of the Powerline Lodge that are fairly rough. So if you are out and about please be careful, Also there is not an over abundance of snow out there and we are trying very hard to make these trails rideable for you - please don't go ripping and tearing on the trail cause if you do, the riding will be short lived until we get more snow.
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Western Trail

Good evening Folks! What a day!! If you’re out tonight, the groomer is currently on the West Point loop so watch out for that! The trails are hard packed and smooth, a couple bare spots.. the loops are in good condition. I recommend scratchers if you’re out.. however I was out all day without them and did just fine. Enjoy tomorrow, -3 and sun I believe? Then a couple days of above zero and maybe some rain :( so once again, be cautious for the groomer tonight. It’ll probably be the last time it moves until we get some new snow. Fingers crossed!! .
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