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Good evening Folks! What a day!! If you’re out tonight, the groomer is currently on the West Point loop so watch out for that! The trails are hard packed and smooth, a couple bare spots.. the loops are in good condition. I recommend scratchers if you’re out.. however I was out all day without them and did just fine. Enjoy tomorrow, -3 and sun I believe? Then a couple days of above zero and maybe some rain :( so once again, be cautious for the groomer tonight. It’ll probably be the last time it moves until we get some new snow. Fingers crossed!! .

Groomer went to tignish on 100 last night and is on Puisville trail right now heading back to Coleman, then will go East on 100, and once returned then do the West Point Loop this evening. Conditions are smooth and packed, with a few bare spots on rail bed.

The West Point loop was groomed last night but the groomer is currently stuck in the “Klondike” awaiting removal which will be late morning/early afternoon so if you are riding through this area(Duvar end of the loop) please be careful for the groomer if it’s still there and the problem area.

Groomer leaving Coleman heading west on 100 and will attempt the puisville trail if the snow permits. When it returns from that run it will be heading east as far conditions allow. Please place your permit on your snowmobile where it’s visible and enjoy. Remember the PEISA has zero tolerance for alcohol.

Hi folks. Due to the mild temperature and rain/freezing rain in the forecast last night the groomer did not move. Another mild day today at +4ish. Hoping for a cold night tonight so we can do some grooming(if the snow holds up after the rain/fog/mild temps). Temperatures need to be at the very least -5 to -7. I’ll post an update this evening hopefully. I can’t speak for conditions yesterday as I was not out, but from what I’ve gathered, some places are beat up, some gravel coming through in spots. Traffic was heavy this weekend plus we got a lot of fresh snow overnight Saturday. Just keep in mind that driving in the middle chews up trails faster than keeping to the right. Stay tuned folks.

Good Morning! The groomer is just about finished of the East 100 run, the trails are in excellent condition from Tignish to Summerside(Groomer turned at North Dr where the bypass enters the fields) It appears we MAY dodge the heavy rain forecast, but still get a couple mms.. fingers crossed! One more good snowfall would pretty much allow us to groom our loops.
Anticipating heavy traffic this weekend weather permitting, so ride safely, sober, make sure your pass is visible on your sled and keep to the right of the trail. Happy trails!!

West 100 is complete, and the groomer is leaving for East 100 after refuel. Trail conditions Coleman-west are great. The groomer will go as Far East to Summerside as snow conditions allow. If you’re out tonight please watch for the groomer lights. Keep to the right of the trail to help maintain conditions. Fingers crossed we dodge the rain tomorrow!

Groomer on it’s way west on 100. As of 4:30 was in Duvar.

The groomer left Coleman on 100 at 4:30pm heading west with the compactor. The plan is to send the groomer and the drag tomorrow night once some frost gets into the snow and it will set up better, right now the snow is fresh and powder-y especially in the west and some sections have ice patches beneath it. The compactor will pack snow in the center and leave fresh snow to each side for when the drag goes and wings it in to smooth and pack it down. It's going to get cooler tonight so that will be an advantage for when the drag goes. Please put your pass on your machine so that it's visible, be cautious if you meet the groomer and sled safe. Also, please do not spin up the snow exposing the gravel/ice.

Groomer is gone East 100 with the compactor as far as he can go(probably Miscouche) then will go west 100. If you’re out, watch for the groomer and be cautious of any ice patches under the fresh snow! OH- and fingers crossed for more!!

Groomer went east on 100 from Coleman with the compactor and will go west when that route is completed. Just breaking down banks, several bare spots. A

The railbed is groomed but extremely hard and some places are slippery. If you’re out ride carefully, there’s not much snow for cooling.

Groomer is gone west on 100 as of 6am, then will go east 100 until snow conditions deteriorate. Trails are not optimal, a lot of bare spots from the wind.. Ride safe and keep warm if you’re out this weekend as it’s a chilly one!! .

Route 100 from Tignish to Conway was groomed overnight. With heavy traffic all weekend trail conditions aren’t great, but if we keep to the right they will last longer. Hopefully some snow coming soon. Happy New Year, safe riding! ..

East100 to Miscouche was groomed overnight after the West 100 run. Trail conditions are good but frequent icey patches in the open areas. Enjoy and ride safe!

Groomer has left Coleman heading West on route 100. Watch for flashing lights if you’re out! Safe & Happy riding.

Groomer left from Coleman heading west on 100 about 4:30pm, will go east 100 once it returns as far as snow permits. There are bare/icey spots on railbed in several areas between Coleman and Elmsdale so take extra precaution. It is very windy tonight and expected tomorrow as well, so trail conditions will most likely quickly deteriorate overnight. Please ride cautiously and watch for flashing lights. Be safe and enjoy the first ride of 17/18 season!!

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