Previous Springside Trail Conditions

Just heard from our groomer operator he completed route 301 from the Appin Road through to the T in Brookvale then on the 209 as far as the railbed in Fredericton and back to the Appin Road. He is all fueled up and now heading towards Crapaud on route 209. He will keep going as long as there is enough snow to groom.

Will provide another update later today.

Well our groomer is on the go again this morning! He has left the Appin Road and is heading on the 209 through Brookvale at the T in Brookvale he is going to head towards Crapaud. At first glance there seems to be good snow in this direction. If you are out and about be careful and watch for the flashing lights.

We will update again later today.

Well the groomer is finished for today. He started this morning at the Appin Road and groomed the 301 to Cornwall, the 405 to North River, the 213 to the railbed at Lank's, the 209 up through Brookvale and back to the Appin Road. The trails are decent and are setting up pretty good. The plowed fields could use some more snow but we are working with what we have. If you are out and about be careful.

He is going to head towards Crapaud in the morning to see if there is enough snow to groom, if so, he will keep going as far as he can. Will update again tomorrow after he gets going for a while.

The groomer is out and about in the Cornwall area to see what the conditions are like. Will post later with more details.

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