Posted:Monday 3rd April 2017 08:03


PEISA Annual Meeting - April 6th 2017

Posted:Saturday 1st April 2017 11:49

PEI Snowmobile Association Annual Meeting
Thursday April 6th 2017- 8pm
The Emerald Community Centre

Rescheduled to March 11th Richard Bernard Memorial Snowmobile Fun Run

Posted:Monday 20th February 2017 08:43

March 11th 2017
Registration at the Wellington Legion 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Ride leaves at 1:00 pm
$15 per sled and $5.00 per passenger
50/50 draw, prizes and lunch at 4:00 pm

A Message to the Snowmobile Community of PEI

Posted:Monday 20th February 2017 02:01

A Message to the Snowmobile Community of PEI

   I am writing this note to address a few of the emails that have been sent to the website over the past few days.  Here is a couple of the samples and  I have not put any names associated with the questions and statements, but I am going to address them in this letter to the entire membership.

Subject: Trails are aweful
Message: Hi, my husband was out on his sled today, and couldn\'t get over the aweful conditions of the trails! He said going along the trails was extremely rough and not pleasant. Why are they in such rough shape? We pay enough for trail passes, and this is supposed to be so that the trails are usable! Not impressed at all!!!!! Almost not even worth it!!! He was also talking to a group of people today, and there are alot of unhappy people.

Message: today febuary 18 2017 went from sside to louies then to rustico and back to sside and the trails were the worst I ever drove on. there was a lot of sleders at louies that weren\\\'t happy about the trail conditions. maybe someone could give us people that paid 200 hundred or more for a trail pass a bit of information on why this is.

Thank You

 Unfortunately as approach the last 10 days of February this has not been the winter we were all hoping it would be. When you look back at this winter it is hard to believe that we did have some decent snowfalls but unfortunately we could never keep it for more than 48 hrs before this past week when over a 8 day period we received anywhere between 70 to 90 centimetres of fresh powder snow along with the usual high winds. The sad part of this is that the snow came on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and it was not until Friday morning  that it was fit to do anything with the new snow and the wind and gone down enough that it would not fill in the trail which we would be grooming.

  Well this is what myself and every other snowmobiler on PEI has waited all winter, lots of fresh snow and trails to ride on Saturday morning!!!!  ONE BIG PROBLEM!!!  Like I mentioned earlier, the groomers were not able to leave until Friday morning and many people expected to have perfect trails when they were ready to finally hit the snow, but these groomers only travel at 10 km per hour and with close to 1000 kms of  trails to cover ( the number of trails is closer to 2000 because most trails have a end point and we must return the same way) and everyone expecting perfect trails, something does not add up when you do the math by only 24 hours which was how long we had been working till the sleds started traveling.  To slow things down even more almost all groomers left with the packers or box drags to begin with because of the amount of work that was required at all the road crossings. In some areas there was 10 and 12 foot high banks pushed up by the snow plows and we need to get these opened up and pushed back to allow our members to see both ways as they cross the many roads on PEI where our entire trail system encompasses. This job takes even more “time” which means even less trail groomed. Next time you cross a road take notice of the snow bank pushed back so you can see.

   So here we are it is now Saturday morning our groomers have been on the go for over 24 hrs and we have lots of trail “opened and passable” but by no means perfect and the snowmobilers are ready to hit the trails. It looks like it is going to be a great day temperatures just below freezing, no wind no snow and maybe some sunshine. Plans have been made we are going to meet our family and friends and finally have a great day riding.  For those who were able to get going early the trails were ok to begin with but by noon or early afternoon almost every trail on PEI that wasn’t the “shits before noon definitely was by then. On top of these problems, I believe that yesterday Feb 18 2017 may have been the busiest snowmobile day in history. I was talking to one of the board members and he told me that two young girls were counting snowmobiles going by their home on Saturday morning for a two hour period and there was “608’ snowmobiles went through that stretch of trail.       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 There are a few points that I would like people to take notice of in the above paragraph please, temperature, sunshine, and amount of sleds. These are the three hardest things there is on any trail and when you are dealing with very fresh snow and a short period of time to set up this adds up to the disaster that was yesterday and allows frustration levels to grow in snowmobilers and the very dedicated group of  volunteers who are doing the best they can to make snowmobiling as good as it can be here on PEI. These volunteer’s are the ones that get up at 3.00 am to go rescue a groomer driver who has had a electrical problem with the groomer. A PEISA volunteer is the one that delivers fuel to the groomer because there are no gas stations open at 4.00 am and the groomer is burning twice as much fuel as normal because of the heavy conditions. A  PEISA volunteer is the person who gets that call from the groomer operator in the middle of the night to go help shovel the groomer that dropped out of sight in a 15 foot snow drift.  A PEISA volunteer is that person, who goes and marks and puts up signs to warn snowmobilers that there are dangers ahead. A PEISA volunteer is that person that gives up their time to go and mark all the trails in the fall and also the same one who goes and picks them all up in the spring. A PEISA volunteer is the person who helps organize and assists other volunteers when the trees are hanging over the trails, and they are not passable. A PEISA volunteer is the person who gives up the Saturday of snowmobiling to go and do one or more of the above.

   As I write this to the entire snowmobile community, believe me that the entire board shares the same concerns and we would love nothing more than to provide each and every one of you with a perfect trail but due to things that are beyond are control and when mother nature does not give us perfect snowmobile conditions it is hard to make the perfect trail.

  I know there has been a lot of negative talk and discussion concerning your elected PEISA board and there has even been people who have claimed that they can do a better job than the people who are in charge now, I ask you to please attend the Annual AGM on April 6th in Emerald and step up and make the changes required to make things better.


Dale Hickox

President of the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association

Woody's Gift Certificate Winners

Posted:Thursday 9th February 2017 10:07

Winners of the Woody's $500 gift certificates for early trail permit purchase.

Colin Matheson
Branson Mayne
Maurice MacDonald


Posted:Thursday 5th January 2017 01:13

Organized Snowmobiling Associations Promote Snowmobile Responsibly Campaign

(Charlottetown, PEI, January 4, 2017)  - Through the Snowmobile Responsibly campaign, the Prince Edward Islans Snowmobile Association and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) encourage each snowmobiler to take personal responsibility for his or her decisions and actions on the snow this winter.  Canadian Snowmbile Safety Week is a timely opportunity to remind riders that you make may important decisions every day of snowmobiling that can impact your personal well-being and that of others.  Snowmobile Responsibly promotes obeying applicable laws and rules, using good common sense, riding with care and control, and making smart choices. 

Caution on trail in North Winsloe

Posted:Wednesday 14th December 2016 01:50

Sledders using the North side trail through North Winsloe should be careful on the trail leaving the railbed near the Colville Rd as there is a field of corn not cut yet and the lane into the field below MacKenzie's store has a lock on the gate which will be removed as soon as the owner returns.

Trail Conditions Update

Posted:Monday 12th December 2016 01:39

 I just wanted to update everyone on the state of the trail system in the Eastern area. First of all I would like to personally thank the dozens and dozens of volunteers who have given up their free time at such a busy time of year to help with this disaster. At one point over the past few days we have had 14 different groups of people working in different areas of the trail system. We are starting to get some areas opened up but in other areas their is still days and days of work to be done. This problem is not just confined to the rail bed as most of the unplowed seasonal roads we use for the trail system are completely blocked. The biggest hurdles facing these dedicated people is the problem of pulling the tree branches out of the frozen snow on the ground. One group of 6 young men told me they got about half a kilometer in three hours. At this rate and if we get more snow if is going to be difficult to get these open.  I will be making a call tomorrow looking for help from government so we can hopefully can some equipment in to help. Once again I would like to thank "Everyone of the Volunteers" who have helped with this huge job.
Dale Hickox
President of the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association

2017 Permit Prices

Posted:Saturday 10th December 2016 13:00

$500 Fine for No Trail Permit

Posted:Friday 9th December 2016 01:06

Major Cleanup Required!

Posted:Wednesday 7th December 2016 12:32

  Attention all snowmobilers, especially those in the east this is a sample of what our trail system looks like (click on the headline to see the pictures). We need volunteers to help with cleanup. Right now we have crews working from Georgetown towards Mt.Stewart, and some volunteers have indicated they would begin in the Murray River area. This section of trail is in the Lake Verde area and only a few kilometers were able to be done by this volunteer.  These pictures are only on the rail bed section of trails. There are many unplowed seasonal roads that look far worse than this that need to be done. We are sending a tractor with brush cutter out to some areas but this is slow work. Please if anyone is available to help in your area it would be much appreciated.  Thanks  

Dale Hickox, 
President PEISA

2016 Snow Show

Posted:Sunday 4th December 2016 19:14

Come join us on Friday, December 9th from 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Eastlink Centre for the 2016 Snow Show.

If you are looking to see what's new in snowmobiling for 2017, or if you are trying to figure out what to get the snowmobiler in your family for Christmas, stop by and see all the great snowmobile apparel and accessories on display from our 4 authorized snowmobile dealers:  Dennis Motors; Red Rock Polaris; Team Reddin Powersports; and Toy Master Motorsports. 

The dealers will also have 2016-2017 PEISA Trail Permits for sale.

Admission:  $5/person; Children under 12 Free

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

PEISA Logo Contest

Posted:Thursday 27th October 2016 00:06

So we think that it is time to find ourselves a new logo. We are asking our members to help us out by submitting logo design ideas to If your design is chosen you will have your choice of either a regular season trail pass or a $100 gas card. Deadline for submissions is October 31st.

PEISA - Economic Impact Study - October 2016

Posted:Wednesday 5th October 2016 15:43

 The PEISA is completing an economic impact assessment of the sector’s contribution to the PEI Economy. This would include exploring both the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.

PEISA Annual Meeting - March 31st 2016

Posted:Thursday 18th February 2016 07:34

                    PEI Snowmobile Association Annual Meeting
                              The Emerald Community Centre 
                                Thursday March 31st 2016 - 8pm
                                         Everyone Welcome!

CAUTION on Trail #103

Posted:Friday 12th February 2016 02:01

CAUTION on Trail #103 between Mt.Stewart and Peake's Tee - please be very careful in this area as there is farm equipment crossing the trail every day, please be aware and slow down"  

Woody's Gift Certificate Winners

Posted:Sunday 31st January 2016 11:27

Winners of the 3 - $500 Gift Certificates for early purchase of trail permit were

Blake Craswell
Dean Dollar
Donald Wood

Richard Bernard Memorial Fun Run Saturday - February 20th

Posted:Wednesday 13th January 2016 06:23

The Wellington Sno-Rider's will be hosting the "Richard Bernard Memorial Fun Run" on Saturday February 20th.
Registration from 12pm-1pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Wellington
$15 sled
$5 passenger
Hot lunch included with lots of prizes and a 50/50 draw.
All sledders welcome!

New Trail Maps Available

Posted:Saturday 9th January 2016 23:34

The new trail maps are now available at all 4 snowmobile
dealers, gas stations and restaurants on the trail system.  
They will be available at all Access PEI sites next week.

2016 Permit Prices

Posted:Tuesday 5th January 2016 12:45


2016 Fine Structure

Posted:Tuesday 5th January 2016 03:26

Click Here to view Poster


Posted:Monday 4th January 2016 18:08

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO STICKER REPLACEMENTS, unless a portion of the sticker with the permit number is turned in. All replacements with the sticker turned in, must be authorized by the PEISA and these replacements will only be available at one of the four authorized dealers for a cost of $10, not at Access PEI sites.   


Family Permit Policy

Posted:Friday 1st January 2016 06:20

If more than two trail permits are bought for one household, the PEISA will reimburse 50% of the cost, based on early season rates of trail permits for the 3rd and subsequent trail permits purchased. 
  • All the snowmobiles are registered
  • Registered owners have the same address on each registration
  • Request must be received by the PEISA before February 28th of the season purchased.

The application for refund must be made in writing to the PEISA. The application must include a photocopy of each paid trail permit in the household (a photocopy of the pink copy or the payment receipt copy issued by Access PEI, and a photocopy of the registration- trail permit number is written on the registration by Access PEI).


Posted:Thursday 26th November 2015 15:39

We ask to Please be respectful of private property. The trail system is maintained for your use during the winter months and with many kilometers of groomed trails to ride on, there is absolutely no need to trespass onto privately owned land. Trespassing through privately owned land can cause serious damage to lawns, shrubbery and many small children are playing in backyards, not to mention your own personal safety. 

If you see a NO TRESPASSING sign, please respect this sign as it means NO TRESPASSING!

Stay on the trail!!

PEI Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Posted:Thursday 26th November 2015 10:20

This November the PEI Snowmobile Hall of Fame honored four inductees. The late Richard Bernard of Wellington, Murray MacPherson of Hartsville, Gerry Martin of Tignish and George Webster of Middleton.

ISMA Press Release

Posted:Monday 3rd August 2015 14:21

 Snowmobile Sales Continue to Grow in North America


Posted:Friday 13th March 2015 00:50

We are having a hard enough time this year to uncover the trail signs that have been covered by all this snow that we have been blessed with this winter.  However, there are SOME IDIOTS out there who think it is entertaining to either steal or remove these signs.  In case you don't know, those signs are there to warn sledders of impending danger - it is also illegal to tamper with off-highway signage the same as if you removed a stop sign from a road in the city.  If you get caught you will be charged! 

Groomer and Snow Update February 2015

Posted:Saturday 7th February 2015 15:59

PEISA Receives the ISMA

Posted:Friday 5th September 2014 12:40

Ed Klim (right) presents a check for $5000.00 on behalf of the International Snowmobile Manufactures Association to Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association President Dale Hickox and PEISA Vice-President Dhuey Pratt. 

$10 Million National Recreational Trails Program Benefits Snowmobiling

Posted:Monday 30th June 2014 13:34

Sussex, NB, June 26, 2014  - As a member of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association is pleased that a portion of the $10 million trail funding investment from the Federal Government will be available for infrastructure improvements to our snowmobile trails.

2014 Celebration Ride

Posted:Saturday 1st March 2014 23:18

Excellent  views of our PEI ride

You got to love those little cameras - a special thank you to Joel Wasnidge from Calgary for creating and allowing us to share:


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