PEISA - Economic Impact Study - October 2016

Posted:Wednesday 5th October 2016 15:43

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Background: The PEISA is completing an economic impact assessment of the sector’s
contribution to the PEI Economy. This would include exploring both the opportunities and
challenges facing the sector.
The Purpose: By completing a comprehensive assessment, the PEISA intends to demonstrate
the nature and scope of the economic impact of snowmobiling on PEI. By having this study
completed, the PEISA will be in a stronger position to work with government agencies and other
important industry stakeholders.
Who is Completing the Work: The PEISA has contracted the Atlantic Evaluation Group (AEG), a
consulting firm located in Charlottetown.
Important Survey Questionnaire: It is important to collect a range of information directly from
snowmobilers on PEI. The main way this will be done will be through an online survey
questionnaire sent to selected PEISA members. In addition, surveys will be conducted with
business owners across PEI who provide services and supports to Island snowmobilers, as well
as individuals working in certain government departments and agencies.
We Need Your Help!! Within the next few weeks, some of you will be contacted to complete an
online survey questionnaire. We need to get at least 250 completed surveys from Island
snowmobilers. For those who would prefer to complete the survey by telephone, a research
person will phone you to get your input.
Confidentiality Assured: Your participation and input through the survey process is confidential.
The final report will summarize the key findings of the survey; the comments of individuals will
not be identified.
Reporting Results: The final study report will be submitted to the PEISA Board of Directors.
Once the study is complete, the results will be posted on the PEISA website.

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