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Snowmobile Community looking forward to a Great Season



Haslett, MI, October 16, 2013:  Yes, the snowmobile season has already begun in many parts of the world.  Snowfall has occurred in much of the Western United States and Canada and Mother Nature is covering mountain ranges around the world with ‘white gold.’

The initial forecasts are very uplifting for winter enthusiasts and snowmobilers in particular.  The Farmer’s Almanac and others have forecasted a cold, snowy winter for 2013-2014.

In addition to the early snow fall and forecasts, snowmobilers have fond memories of an elongated season ending in April (and May) in 2013.  Heavy snowfall throughout the early spring in much of North America and Northern Europe presented snowmobilers with excellent riding conditions and winter fun late into the spring.  The enthusiasm from April and May has carried into the Autumn of 2013.

Snowmobile Associations, Clubs, and promoters are reporting excellent attendance and high energy levels at the Fall Snow Shows.  In many cases, the shows are reporting record crowds and eager shoppers.  Snowmobile Dealers are reporting good traffic volumes and initial reports are upbeat.

In addition to the increased action at shows, the snowmobile community is preparing the trails and riding areas for the upcoming season.  Snowmobile Club activity is building as the weather cools and temperatures head down the thermometer!  Signs are being updated and trails and parking areas are being brushed, cleared and marked.

The snowmobile community generates over $30 billion dollars-worth of economic activity and is an important part of the economic engine in many rural communities in the Snowbelt.

Visitation to the web site and the web site are increasing and it appears visitation will again generate record numbers.  Last year, over 4 million hits were made on the web sites.  Based on visitation, many of those visiting the sites were most interested in snowmobile rental locations and snowmobile destinations.

It looks like 2013-2014 will be another good snowmobiling year and we look forward to seeing you on the trails!  All snowmobilers are encouraged to have their snowmobiles prepared for winter and make sure to check snowmobile trailers, tow-vehicles, etc. to make sure they are in proper working order before heading out for that first ride of the season.      




Press Release

Contact: Ed Klim
Phone: (517) 339-7788
10:00 A.M. EDT, June 25, 2013

Worldwide Snowmobile Sales Jump 12%

Haslett, MI, June 25, 2013:  A long lasting winter and continued enthusiasm and interest in snowmobiling powered snowmobile sales to increase worldwide to 144,601 new sleds sold this past year.  This is an increase of over 15,000 units, which is a 12 percent gain from last year.  Sales in the United States were flat at 48,536 new snowmobiles sold, while sales in Canada rose over 8 percent to 44, 022 new sleds sold.

The snowmobile community is optimistic following the above average snowfall throughout most of North America this past season.  The 2014 manufacturers spring snowmobile shows reported dramatic increases in attendance.  In many of the spring shows, visitation was up over 30 percent.  Spring orders are up and that points to a good 2014 sales year!

The snowmobile industry reports an increase in registered snowmobiles in North America to approximately 2 million registered sleds.  Increased registration in Northern Europe and Russia continues, and there are over 700,000 registered units in the European community and Russia.

Snowmobile related tourism also increased in North America and beyond.  This can be seen in economic impact studies conducted throughout North America by major business colleges and universities.  Miles ridden by snowmobilers (which is always predictive of economic impact) showed a 20 percent increase in the 2012-2013 season.  This is a result of good riding conditions and improved and expanded trail systems.

The average age of a snowmobiler this past season was determined to be 43 years of age.  The average age increased slightly due to the fact that many younger adults are struggling to pay off school loans and are struggling due to the slower growth of the economy.

Surveys conducted by ISMA have shown that slightly over 70% of first-time buyers in the snowmobile market purchased a used snowmobile.  Many of them are young adults and they move on to purchase a new snowmobile later in life.

The majority of snowmobilers in North America are Club members and/or Association-Federation members (over 50%).  These active, involved, outdoor enthusiasts build the trails and support snowmobiling access.  Snowmobilers are also active charity fundraisers who raised over $3.4 million dollars for National Charities last year.

The Go Snowmobiling website serves as another strong indicator for the interest in snowmobiling.  This year more than 4.4 million visited the Go Snowmobiling site.  This is a 15 percent increase above last year.  Statistics show that approximately 20 percent of those visitors are individuals who do not own a snowmobile but are expressing a great deal of interest in owning a snowmobile and going snowmobiling.  It was also noted that approximately 20 percent of the visitors to the site visited the rental outlet pages of the site.  Indications are that many of the individuals visiting the rental site do not own a snowmobile but want to rent one during their winter vacation.  This activity and interest in renting bodes well for future sales and the growth in the snowmobile rental market.

Additional surveys have found that snowmobilers are active in many outdoor activities.  Many snowmobilers are also boaters, motorcycle riders, camping enthusiasts, hunting enthusiasts and general outdoor recreational activity participants.

Many individuals have discovered that snowmobiling is a great recreational family activity in the winter.  Many of those individuals are snowmobiling for reasons such as viewing the scenery, be with family and friends, and to get away from the usual demands of life and be close to nature.

The continued broad-based growth of the snowmobile community includes the increased number of visitors and exhibitors in snowmobile shows.  States and provincial organizations continue to grow and expand club membership.  Many organizations report that new trails are being developed to support the positive economic impact of snowmobiling and job growth for the rural community.  Economic impact studies generated by universities in North America show that snowmobiling is growing in importance as part of the overall economic engine and job growth for winter tourism.  Estimates show that snowmobiling now generates more than $30 Billion Dollars of economic activity in North America.  The economic activity generated by snowmobiling provides many jobs and investment opportunities and generates considerable tax revenue for local governments which eagerly support snowmobiling.


Press Release

Contact: Ed Klim
Phone: (517) 339-7788
9:30 A.M. EDT, August 24, 2013

Snowmobile Manufacturers and Community gear up for a great snowmobile season

HASLETT, MI, AUGUST 24, 2012: The snowmobile manufacturers are completing production of the 2013 model snowmobiles as snowmobilers eagerly await the upcoming snowmobiling season.  2013 brings renewed optimism and a positive outlook for the
manufacturers and related suppliers. The 2013 models were introduced to the public at the Sneak Peek shows held across North America this past spring. We are happy to report that
attendance at shows across the country was healthy and enthusiasm for new snowmobiles strong. Outdoor enthusiasts and snowmobilers alike have pent up demand to enjoy the winter on a snowmobile. Enthusiasts realize the manufacturers are building quality, clean, quiet, responsive machines for all of us to enjoy.

New engine technologies and ride performance technologies have been introduced with the 2013 models as well as improved efficiencies and handling characteristics.  The fall show circuit is shaping up to be strong and many of the snowmobile show promoters are forecasting strong attendance and new product offerings.

The manufacturers are are also encouraged by the dramatic increase in visitation to the Go Snowmobiling web site, which is designed for new snowmobilers and non-snowmobilers. This past year, 24% of the visitors to the Go Snowmobiling web site were non-snowmobilers and a high percentage of those visiting the site stated they were in the market to purchase a snowmobile and planned to do so within a year. Not only are non-snowmobilers visiting the site for the first time but they are doing so in record numbers.  During the 2011-2012 snowmobiling season, over 3,528,000 visitors came to the web site. This data compares to 1,512,000 who visited the site in 2008-2009. The interest level is high, the fall shows look like they are going to be sold out and full of excitement.

We are looking for a great snowy winter in the snowmobile community. Plan on visiting your local snowmobile dealer and your local snowmobile show this fall and bring a friend to go snowmobiling.


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