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The PEI Snowmobile Association is a membership of over 3000 snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts who endeavor to educate the public about the sport of snowmobiling, enhance the riding experience on our Island, promote safety, and provide opportunities for family recreation.

Snowmobiling in PEI is one of the best activities this Island has to offer. With amazing riding, and over 900 kilometers of groomed trails, PEI has a little bit to offer for everyone.

The PEI Snowmobile Association is very happy that you have come to our site and and we hope you find the information your looking for.

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Reports to: President and Board of Directors of the PEI Snowmobile Association (PEISA)

Responsibilities: The Trail Manager will be responsible for monitoring and overseeing conditions and signage on all Island snowmobile trails.

1. Trail set up:

 Meet with Board of Directors each fall to establish expectations for the season
 Inspect all trails and oversee their set up prior to the beginning of grooming season
 Ensure all GPS coordinates are accurate for the entire trail system
 Communicate with area representatives about any trail changes required for the upcoming season
 Work with area representatives to ensure that signage installation meets the standards set by the PEISA Board of Directors.

2. Trail Inspection During Grooming Season:
 Conduct regular trail inspections throughout the grooming season and inform the Board of Directors of any changes that need to be made ( e.g. dangerous areas)
 Ensure that any dangerous areas or obstacles (e.g. vehicles) found on the trail are shared with the general membership via the website and social media.
 Maintain constant communication with the President regarding trail conditions
 Prepare and send reports to Executive and designated representatives after each daily inspection.

3. Maps

 Assist the Executive Director with creating and updating the paper trail map, and interactive trail map.
 Manage and assign all trail numbers represented on PEISA maps.
 Work with the Executive Director to make necessary changes to the interactive trail map.

4. Signage

 Monitor all trail signage and recommend to the Board and area representatives if changes are needed
 Advise area representatives of high-risk areas that may require additional signage
 Inform Executive Director when additional signage needs to be ordered
 Assist in the development of a standard signage policy
5. Grooming

 Organize and attend all groomer meetings and ensure all groomer operators are informed of their responsibilities, any trail changes or danger areas that have been identified.
 Maintain up-to-date contact information for all groomer operators.
 Keep knowledge of all PEISA grooming equipment current.
 Maintain regular communications with groomer chairs and club representatives throughout the grooming season and make recommendations where necessary.

6. Resource:

 Maintain up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of snowmobiling
 Attend training sessions, conferences and read resource material
 Act a resource for all PEISA trails
 Maintain knowledge of provincial and federal laws pertaining to snowmobiling on PEI

7. Requirements:

 Trail Manager must possess a valid PEI drivers license
 Trail Manager must own a truck that can be used for trailer towing when needed.
 Keep record of all expenses and submit receipts to the Executive Director for reimbursement.
 Trail Manger must have their own reliable snowmobile
 Must be available to work days, evenings and weekends.

8. Meetings:

 Attend Board of Director meetings when requested by the President.
 Provide a written report for monthly Board of Director meetings.
 Attend Annual General Meeting and present Trail Manager’s report.
 Attend other Provincial, National and International meetings and/or conferences as required.

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 Approximately 900 kilometers of majestic groomed trails from Tignish in the west to Elmira in the east of PEI.

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We have over 50 business partners who pay a yearly fee to be associated with our map and signage program.

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We have over 18 pieces of equipment keeping the trails groomed and in tip-top running shape.

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