Eastern Grooming Committee.

A little introduction to any one that may not  know us here at Eastern Grooming Community, we are a 100% volunteer group that was started to help improve and create new trails in the eastern end of the island we rely solely on our fundraising to be able to create and groom the trails in our area. We do the best we can with the volunteers we have.  

On Wednesday, March 3rd Eastern Grooming Committee left our base in Greenfield and headed out to the trails. First grooming the 313 to Uigg then doubling back the 313 extension to the 305 then headed to floating bridge on the 425. Friday, March 5, the groomer left base in greenfield grooming the 313 to Uigg and surrounding areas then proceeded to the 313 extension and on to do the 425 to floating bridge due to high traffic and people running in the middle of trail. Please remember to stay right, the trail will last longer for everyone to enjoy.

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