Central Groomer made a second pass last night towards Summerside to start to smooth and widen the trails. When it returned this morning we did a driver change and begun to go bust out the North Side Trail(route 212).  Temps are becoming milder today and tonight some not expecting it to set up but will be a bit smoother where the groomer has passed.  SSA  are goin to grab our groomer this evening and do some of there trail system. Not sure how much they will get done but something is better than nothing.  Plan is go tomorrow thru the day and bust out the Warburton Road(route 208) with the rain and mild weather.  Try to pack it and pan it as with the mild temps we wont be able to process it.  Seen lots of traffic today everywhere.  Notice a lot of piles at the road crossings from sleds.  Wait a bit further before accelerating hard. Another system in the works so we may be back to square one again but will have to wait and see.  Sled safe and stay right.

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