Groomer Left Winsloe yesterday morning and headed to Summerside.  Drifting was bad in some areas and good straight snowfall in others.  Being told to use caution at road crossings because of the high drifts the sight lines are not the best.  Busted trail all the way to Miscouche and then did a driver change and then proceeded out the Grand River Trail (route 204).  This side of the trail is only one drag wide in most areas as the hard pack underneath was causing the groomer to spin out.  Will try again this week with some of the mild temps to come during the day.  It was drifted the worst of the trail last night.  Winds stayed up most of the night so sled with caution in areas.  Groomer returned to Winsloe early this morning and another driver change ad we are now grooming out to Borden so watch out for a big green tractor in those areas. Plan is to return to Winsloe toinght and then go start the North Side loop(route 212). We will be planning to go back toward summerside monday day and evening.  Sled with care, it will get better.  LOTS of snow in most areas.

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