The Mill River trail (rt 202) and piusville loop (rte 203) have been groomed this afternoon. The snow is getting deeper and some signs are starting to get buried ( not a bad problem to have) so we’ll try to keep them dug out especially the stop and stop ahead so be careful. There have been changes made to both the piusville loop(#203) and West Point loop(#201) due to loss of land permission, there has been new land permissions gained to work around these areas( thank you to the new land owners for the permission) and a thank you to Jamie Wallace Forestry for cutting a section of woods to by pass a lost section of trail. When you’re on the website’s map and the app you’ll notice a black section (meaning closed) it’s just because the groomers gps has not travelled the old way and by tomorrow we’ll be able to move the trail over to its correct location on the maps. Again the piusville loop is open and has been groomed completely and is fully marked. All this will be the same for the West Point loop which will hopefully be done weather permitting in the next day or so.  Be careful in some sections on all trails where the drifts are big as the trail may become narrower and at road crossings from snow plow banks which our operators have been doing a great job of keeping those pushed back. Thank you.

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