With mother nature finally agreeing with some weather we were able to send central groomer to summerside last evening.  We will only be doing the main line for now until we get some colder weather as the cross country trails are soft and no frost in them yet so sled carefully, there are wet spots in the low lying parts .  Groomer returned from rieds corner this morning and re-fueled and we decided to send it to Mt Stewart to take some of the drifting out of the trail that way.  There is more snow the farther west but its marginal in areas so sled with care.  The Main Trail is going to have a different view for most after the hurricane this fall.  Stay to the main trail and only go off the trail where there is enough area to pull off.  Stumps, Logs, branches and more are off the sides\ditches and can be buried so keep this in mind.  We will access what the weather will  bring on thursday and hopefully keep some of this for a base.  With the little frost this year we need colder weather.  Hopefully we see more snow shortly to keep everyone going.  We have a great product when we have the snow.  Sled safe and stay to the right.



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