PEISA Aims and Objectives

It shall be the aim of the Association to:
1. Promote safe snowmobiling to members and to the public.
2. Maintain a designated Trans Provincial Trail and local trails.
3. Support local clubs in their grooming efforts.
4. Support local clubs in their efforts to develop and provide family snowmobiling activities.
5. Provide a trail map as required.
6. Promote better public relations between snowmobilers, land owners and residents of Prince Edward Island.

The objectives of the Association are to:
1. Foster a spirit of cooperation with Prince Edward Island law forces.
2. Assist in the protection of our environment.
3. Protect snowmobiler’s interests in legislation.
4. Raise and receive funds to carry out the aims and objectives of the Association.


PEISA Responsibilities

  1. The Association shall be responsible for the promotion of snowmobiling in the province of Prince Edward Island.
  2. It shall advise and attend any function it feels aligns itself with the aims and objectives of the Association.
  3. The Executive shall meet with any person who feels it would be to the mutual benefit of both parties to discuss ideas or problems as they arise.
  4. The Executive shall have the authority to establish any committee they deem necessary for the conduct of the business of the Association.
  5. The Association will assist in promoting local grooming and non-grooming snowmobile clubs.


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