Board of Directors


  • Dale Hickox - President - (2018) Eastern
  • Linda Constable  - Vice President (2018) SSC Representative
  • Logan Getson - Secretary/Treasurer (2018) Western
  • Marlana Oliver- Western Coordinator (2017) Western
  • Darryl Lewis -Central Coordinator (2017) Central
  • Tyler Campbell - Eastern Coordinator (2016) Eastern
  • Scott Speelman - (2018) Eastern
  • Erland Hart- (2018) Western
  • Grant Peters- (2017) Central
  • Stephen Shaw (2017) Central
  • Larry Arsenault - (2017) At-Large
  • Allain Richard (2017) At-Large
  • Russell Jollimore  (2018) KASA Representative
  • Kendall Parsons (2017) KASA Representative
  • Andrew Lewis (2017) Youth Member
  • Markham Long (2017) Warden Administrator
  • Dhuey Pratt (2017) Executive Director


Directors are elected on an annual basis, at the annual meeting, for a term of three (3) years. This ensures continuity and allows new members to join. Youth members are elected at the annual meeting for a term of one (1) year. The year a member was elected as a director is indicated next to the name. Executive positions are elected annually at the first board meeting following the annual meeting.

Board of Directors meetings are held each month, and the meeting location rotates between Charlottetown (East) and Kensington (West). The Annual General Meeting is held in winter, at a location determined by the Board.


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