Trail Conditions

Central Trail

The 212, Northside Trail and from Emerald to Mt. Stewart were all groomed last night and they turned out great. This could be your last chance for the central trail with the weather forcast so enjoy them. Sled safe .
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Eastern Trail

Groomer left Saturday evening around 7 after temperature got colder. Heading up #217 towards New Perth and will do #103 into Georgetown before heading to Mt Stewart and back. Will also do 305 and if all goes well hope to do #104 from Pisquid to Murray River before it gets too busy in the morning.
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KASA Trail

Attention: KASA AGM meeting will be held at the Kensington legion Wednesday April 17 th @ 730 pm. This meeting is open to the public to ask questions and bring forth any issues or concerns that need to be addressed by the club.
Hope to see everyone there!
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Springside Trail

The groomer was out through the night/early morning while it was sill good and cold freshening up route 301 to Cornwall, route 213 to the railbed at Lank's and back on route 209 to the Cabin. There was a ton of traffic on our trails yesterday which is great to see.

We just received notice that there is a car stuck on the Currie Road in the first big turn. Please use extreme caution if you are riding in this area today - hopefully if will be removed very soon.
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Western Trail

Good morning! It’s going to be a beautiful day for a ride! Overnight the following was completed: Route 100(rail bed) East from Coleman to Miscouche, Route 204(Grand River), and Route 202(Mill River). The operator reports everything is in good condition, he did run into gravel in Miscouche so that’s as far as was groomed east.
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