Trail Conditions

Central Trail

CAUTION. Please be aware at the union road end of the north side trail that island telecom is doing work at the Charlottetown water works. They are digging up to install a cable. This work will take place over the next few days. Have got a report there as well that sledders are not staying to the marked trail. If this keeps up we are in jeopardy of losing this trail. We will advise when the work is complete. Thanks for your copperation
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Eastern 1 Trail

Even though we have had some snow for the last 10 days there is just not enough to do any grooming anywhere here in the Eastern end of the trail system. I realize that everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the trails but there are places where snow is scarce and we are doing damage to some farmers fields, especially alfalfa and winter wheat fields. We are given permission by these land owners to use these fields and I have had several calls from them with concerns. Because of a lack of snow exactly where the trail is marked, snowmobilers are going places where they can find more snow and this appears to be the biggest issue. Hopefully the snow will arrive soon and we can officially start the season with proper grooming and snow conditions.
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Island 4 Trail

#4 Groomer is sitting pretty and ready to groom... when the snow is fit. There hasn't been enough snow on the ground to groom in our area yet. If you're scratching the itch to ride your snowmobile, please stay on the marked trail, as off trail riding can lead to trail closures on private property.
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KASA Trail

Good evening everyone, I wanted to put a post on to say that the KASA has everything ready to go , groomer is ready and drag has been gone over and we look forward to starting another snowmobile season. We do realize that there is snow down right now but unfortunately not enough to do any amount of grooming. We would like you to understand that our trail is all off railbed and is on private land. We as a club do to a great amount of work to keep this trail open, and work with the land owners to make sure there land is respected. At times like this grooming can be very hard on land and equipment. Snowmobilers have to realize that we need more snow over all. Yes I know the back roads are full but at the same time there has to be enough snow to fill in the ditches to get the groomer down the trail. Now I know there is people saying it should be out but these are also the people that are leaving the marked trail and driving wherever it suits them to get around. This is called trespassing!! Also the biggest reason for trail changes and closures. Trust me nobody wants to see groomed trail more then me, right now there is lots of snow in the forecast so let stay positive and respect one and other and respect all land owners this season. Stay safe and I hope to see you on the trails.
Regards. RussJ.
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Springside Trail

The Springside groomer and drag are ready to go as soon as we get enough snow to groom. We realize that everyone is getting anxious to get out on the trails, we are too! Do your snow dance while you are waiting for Mother Nature to send us the white stuff.

For those of you who have been able to get out for a ride, please remember to respect the private property that we have the privilege of traveling on, and stay on the marked trail.

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Western Trail

The groomer went West last night on Rte 100 as far as Alma. We will not be going out again until we get more snow .
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