Trail Conditions

Central Trail

Central Groomer started last night at around 8pm and went west toward miscouche on route 100 west and turned for the grand river trail. Returned back to Winsloe for a double pass and we did a driver switch and returned back west to borden. We do have some drifting in areas so proceed with caution. Plan is to do the north side trail tonite for a double pass and see what our weather situation will be from there.
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Eastern 1 Trail

The groomer is still running as of 7.00 am on Saturday morning since leaving Thursday evening. Last night we did a return trip into Toymaster's on the #100, and as usual we still have some spots with very low snow cover, seems to be the pattern for this entire season. Trail #104 from Mt.Stewart to Vernon River will has had four passes and we have also made two passes on the #105 into Mt.Herbert. Groomer is now on way back to Vernon River and with expected traffic and milder temperatures we will be in a holding pattern to see when next chance to move comes up.
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Island 4 Trail

Groomer has just finished after being on the move for approximate 36 hours straight.

Yesterday, two passes were made on the 104 rail bed from Vernon River to Murray River, then groomed the 217 through Greenfield and up the 221 to Ashton. After completing two passes on the 221, the groomer went into Georgetown and Montague on the rail bed, then back to Pisquid river on the 103 completing two passes on the entire 103 rail bed and making four passes from New Perth to Pisquid in the last day and a half. Hope the cold weather sticks around and everyone has a great weekend snowmobiling!
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KASA Trail

Groomer headed up last night at about midnight, we were held up due to snow temperatures, last night when it got cold the groomer went to Rustico, Fredricton, Stanley and back up to the cell tower and did margate and spring valley loop all thanks to our operator pulling a double shift! The groomer has left spring valley area and has been to French River and will be making its way to Louis’s place this evening and back through French River then home to the valley. This will mean that all routes and trails for KASA will be groomed 2 passes for the weekend. Not sure what tomorrow will bring ,but if temps stay down we could possibly go Fredricton way again, due to the traffic and drifting in that area.
Sled safe , keep right and enjoy your weekend.
Thanks RussJ
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Springside Trail

All of the Springside trails have been freshly groomed since it turned cold yesterday afternoon and they are ready for the heavy weekend traffic. Reports are they are in great shape.

We will monitor the trail conditions and send the groomer out again as needed before the weather gets too mild.

Please ride on the right side of the trail and not down the middle - the trails will hold up better and it is much safer for everyone.

Sled safe everyone.
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Western Trail

The groomer is heading out shortly , first heading West on Rte 100 as far as Alberton then heading East . We are only going a short distance tonight to fill in some of the hollows on the main rail . Groomer will be back on the trails when weather permits .
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