Trail Conditions

Central Trail

The central groomer went to Souris, Rte 100 and back yesterday. The operator reports good snow cover with a few bare spots. He is leaving for Emerald, Rte 100 west, after fuel up and will return thru the NorthSide Trail, Rte 212 today. Sled safe and pray for more snow!
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Eastern Trail

Unfortunately we did not receive enough snow here in the Eastern section of the trail system. Most of the fields have less than 3 or 4 inches and with the ground froze as hard as it is it would be rough on grooming equipment as well as snowmobiles. The railbed trail has many spots that were completely bare but the bigger problem is the amount of ice on the trail and with very little snow cover it would be easy for the groomer to slide off under these conditions
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KASA Trail

Trail update for KASA!
We have gone over all of the trail system. Had a lot of drifting from yesterday that we got cleaned up today. Summerside to Emerald, Indian River Loop, French River, Margate, Granville, Stanley Bridge, Fredericton to rail bed, Rustico has all been gone over double wide. We will be waiting till this storm system moves through before we send them back out.
Great response from todays earlier post for more operators! Still looking for more people to help out as we go!
Safe sledding and enjoy your weekend!!!

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Springside Trail

Earlier today the groomer completed routes 301 to Cornwall, 213 to the railbed at Lank's and 409 to New Haven - these trails are now full width. The groomer then headed back on route 209 to Fredericton and is now on its way back to home base. Enjoy it while you can - very disappointing that the rain is gonna ruin it on us again.
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Western Trail

Good morning! It’s goinf to be a great weekend in the west! Route 100(railbed) was groomed overnight from Summerside to Tignish, as well as route 201(West Point Loop) and route 204(Grand River). The groomer is currently doing route 202 to Mill River Resort. Have a safe and fun day and enjoy our trails as they are excellent!!!
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