Trail Conditions

Central Trail

The Central groomer went from Toymaster to Grand River, rte 100 again last night and back to Toymaster. Railbed is in great shape with only a couple of bare spot. Times getting short so enjoy it while you can. Hoping the Northside Trail will freeze enough today to stop the water running.
Sled safe and show your pass!
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Eastern 1 Trail

There has not been a lot of grooming since last Friday. Trails were in good shape but after the mild weather on Saturday there are starting to be some icy patches on some trails.
Vernon River to Murray Harbour on the #104 has many and will not be groomed again unless we get more snow.
Pisquid to Vernon River on the 104 also has icy patches on open areas. PLEASE use caution!
Groomer is doing trail 217 from Vernon River to New Perth today as well as 103 into Mt Stewart.
PLEASE use caution when riding at all times because at this time of year there can be many icy patches
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Island 4 Trail

Groomer left early this morning from Vernon River on the 104 rail bed and groomed the 217 through Peakes and up the 221 to Ashton through Dundas. It turned back down the 221 and will groom the into Georgetown on the 103. From there it will return to Vernon River making a second pass on the 217.

Please be careful on the 221 in Cardigan behind Cardigan Excavators, the groomer got stuck and was unable to clean up the mess due to the steep incline. Big thanks to Cardigan Excavators for giving us a tow!
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KASA Trail

KASA trail report March 19th/20
Groomer went to Fredericton and back to home base last night to clean up some of the bumps and ruts on the #206 (which is our most heavy traveled trail). Logging road,devils punch bowl,Warburton rd, Margate all have had a pass over them. For the most part the fields are in great shape but the snow cover is going fast.

Sincerely Yours
Rick Wall
Volunteer KASA
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Springside Trail

Our groomer went out late last night to try and pull some snow onto the trail to keep it going for a little while longer as we do have a good base. He left home base and groomed route 301 to route 213 to the railbed at Lank's and back to the 301, route 301 to Cornwall and through to route 405 to North River and back to the 301 he then groomed route 209 through Brookvale to the railbed in Fredericton and back to home base.

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Western Trail

The groomer is heading West on Rte 100 to Alberton, doing 1 pass around the West Point Loop , Rte 201 and East on Rte 100 to Northam . We are just touching up the busiest spots tonight before the warm up . So if you are out and about tonight watch for the flashing lights and sled safe,sober and with your trail passes on your sleds. Stay to the right and take your garbage out with you.
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