Trail Conditions

Central Trail

After a few small issues to start the day yesterday we got on the go a little later than expected. Thanks to Green Diamond for there fast response. We got to do the first pass over the springside section of trails. We did the (213) from lanks to the (405) trail to cornwall and back. Then We continued on the (405) towards the ski park and the (413) as far as gass's store. We returned back to winsloe to refuel. Last evening we did a pass on the north side trail (212)and turned towards summerside on trail (100) and back towards winsloe. Today it will be going towards kinkora and borden on Trail (101) and go do the Albany-crapaud trail (209) . Please be aware of this as there are banks to be busted and it will not be fast going so try to avoid this area . Thanks for your patience
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Eastern 1 Trail

Groomer did trail into Mt.Herbert, into Toymaster's from Mt. Stewart, the #104 through Lake Verde and the #103 from Mt. Stewart to New Perth and back on Thursday night. Trail holding up well considering the amount of traffic and the milder temperatures between Wednesday and Friday evening. There will be lots of machines on the go Saturday so we will be waiting till Saturday night to begin grooming again.
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Island 4 Trail

Groomer left Monday morning and has hardly stopped since! After spending some time taking down drifts, it has groomed the 104 rail bed from Vernon River to Murray Harbour, the 305 from Greenfield to Murray River, the 217 through Greenfield, the 103 through Peakes to Mount Stewart, the 221 from Cardigan to Ashton, and is currently in Georgetown grooming the 103 rail bed and will slip down to Brudenell. Once finished there, it will continue on to Mount Stewart through Peakes.
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KASA Trail

KASA trail update. Jan 23/20

We picked the groomer up in Fredricton this morning from the Springside guys, they had groomed all night with the KASA groomer and packing pan. I ran back to home base and removed the pan and put on the drag. Went out to fix up some bad spots on the 208 in margate. Run from spring valley out the 304 and on to the 208 went into Kensington by the cell tower and then back out and on to the logging road. Turned around and took same routes back to spring valley.
Tonight the groomer and drag will go to French river 402 and on to Granville then do 308 to Rustico, 404 in to Stanley and then out to Fredricton on 208. Groomer will return to spring valley in the morning on the 404.

I’d also like to apologize to the sledders for some delays on the kasa trails we had a couple of issues,and got them fixed right away.

Thanks for your patients. RussJ.
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Springside Trail

Our groomer operator picked up the groomer and drag from the Kensington and Area Snowmobile Association shortly after 2am this morning - thanks guys!!

He left the railbed in Fredericton on route 209 through Brookvale, the Appin Road and went as far as Bluefield School/the Colville Road and headed back the same way until he got to back to the cabin/Appin Road, fueled up and then headed out on the 209 towards Crapaud. He will go as far as the rink in Crapaud like he did earlier this week and turn around and go back on the 209 to Fredericton so he can return the groomer to the Kensington groomer operator. When I was talking to him around 8:30 am, he was getting close to crossing the bridge into Crapaud.

The trails are setting up nicely so get out there and enjoy them.
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Western Trail

The groomer is out heading West on Route 100bto Tignish , then doing the trail to Rodd Mill River Route 202. So if you are out and about tonight, watch for the flashing lights and sled safe, sober and with your trail passes on your sleds. ALSO TAKE YOUR CANS AND GARBAGE WITH YOU !
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