Previous Western Trail Conditions

Good morning! It’s goinf to be a great weekend in the west! Route 100(railbed) was groomed overnight from Summerside to Tignish, as well as route 201(West Point Loop) and route 204(Grand River). The groomer is currently doing route 202 to Mill River Resort. Have a safe and fun day and enjoy our trails as they are excellent!!!

Good evening. The western groomer is out on its way back from Tignish, and the Central groomer is up helping keep things nice for the weekend, it’s currently heading west in Wellington. Both on route 100(railbed) conditions are awesome. .

Route 203(Puisville) was groomed this evening. Operator reports it is in good condition and most icey spots were able to be covered.

Happy Islander Day. Over night route 100(railbed) was done to Summerside, as well as both sides of Route 204(Grand River). Conditions are reported to be excellent, with some icey spots still remaining so be cautious. Today route 201(West Point Loop) was groomed, and I'm waiting to hear from the operator whether or not route 203(Puisville) will be fit to groom. Please be respectful of the groomer if you meet it on the trails.

Good Sunny Morning! Route 100 east was groomed overnight and most of the icey spots were able to be covered. Route 100 West is presently being groomed and conditions are excellent. Routes 203 & 202 will be attempted this afternoon depending on water laying in fields. Enjoy the sunny day and he cautious for the groomer.

Good Evening, Route 100 west to Tignish was just completed. Route 201(WP Loop) will be done tonight. Keep your fingers crossed the rain forecasted does not do too much damage, we have good snow again now!

Route 100 East to summerside was groomed last night but part way back due to icy conditions the groomer slid off the railbed and is stuck awaiting recovery. Once it is recovered and no damage is done then grooming will resume as quickly as possible. With that being said, take extra caution on the railbed with this fluffy snow covering the ice.

Route 201(West Point Loop) was completed last night, some fields are very icy so please take extreme caution. We lost some signs in the thaw that will be put back up but most were guide stakes and no turn indicators. So just be mindful of those things and enjoy!

Good evening folks. East 100 was groomed to Summerside today, as well as route 204(Grand River). Route 201(West Point) is being attempted tonight, it was pretty icey so we will see what happens. Conditions on the railbed are excellent but very hard. Puisville loop was too icy to groom.

The groomer is on its way back from doing east 100(railbed) to Summerside. Upon return it will be heading West to Tignish. Please watch for the flashing lights and be cautious if you meet the groomer. Snow conditions are favourable for what we’ve had to deal with.

Good morning folks. Route 100 from Coleman to Tignish has been groomed twice yesterday and it turned out really well. Huge thanks to operators for bringing it back to sleddable conditions. There are a some stretches of ice so take caution. The groomer attempted a trip east as well but had to turn around in Conway.

❗️❗️🛑 Route 201 (West Point Loop) in the west is temporarily closed. This is due to ice buildup on the windmills which the groomed trails run very close to causing great danger for snowmobilers. Vestas has contacted us concerned for the safety of our members and will notify us when ice conditions deteriorate and it is safe to travel around windmills once again. Thanks. 🛑❗️❗️

Good morning. Route 100(railbed) from Coleman to Tignish was groomed last night, coverage is great but be cautious of icey spots. Route 100(railbed) east will be groomed starting mid morning as far to summerside as conditions will allow. Hearing reports of a lot of water down that way. Please use caution if you’re out and about and watch for the flashing lights of the groomer.

Route 201(West Point Loop) was groomed overnight. It’s a very cold day so if you’re out and about be prepared for the extreme temperatures. I’m going out to put a few extra signs around the Klondike after at the Duvar end of the trail, take extra caution in the area.

Good afternoon folks. Route 100/west and route 203(Puisville) was groomed yesterday, and the groomer is just about finished a trip on 100/east, and also groomed route 204(Grand River) Trails look to be in great condition for the weekend, please ride safely with your trail permit displayed.

the groomer finished up the west run on route 100 to tignish this afternoon. groomer is going around west point loop now. sled safe with your passes on your windshield.

the groomer groomed into wellington club trail #205. groomer has sense returned to Coleman and is headed to tignish on route 100. will update later in day.

groomer is headed east on route 100 to summerside. sled safe with your passes on.

the west point loop has been groomed. but wont be signed till tomorrow. so use caution. also use caution in the swamps as they might not be fully froze yet.

groomer went east on 100 to summerside last night and is on it's way west on route 100 to tignish right now.

on route 203 (piusville loop) there may be water running under snow on woods roads so please use care in this area. sled safe

route 203 the Piusville loop has been groomed. best show cover all year get out and enjoy it. BBQ tonight at west prince club at 730 and poker run at arts place at 7.

Groomer is on it's way East on route 100 to summerside. once it gets back it will be heading west to tignish.

Good morning, the groomer is currently heading west on route 100. Please take caution if you’re out and about.

Route 100 west was groomed overnight and the groomer is now headed east to Summerside. It’s a cool day but windy. If you’re out today please watch for the groomer. There is lots of snow in places but thinner in others, some icey spots and that may increase with the wind.

FYI- Going west between Alberton and Oliver Rd (100) there is farm traffic crossing the rail bed hauling manure. Please take caution in this area.

Good evening folks. The groomer went east on 100 this evening and is currently doing the west 100, should be complete by morning. I suspect some icey spots so take caution in open areas. Ride safe and watch out for the flashing lights!!

Good afternoon. The groomer is finishing a run west on 100, then will be going east again upon return. Conditions are real nice except some icy spots in flat areas. If you’re out tonight please take extra caution and watch for the flashing lights of the groomer. Have a safe ride and enjoy the snow while it’s here! There is only 2 more weeks to purchase early bird passes for anyone who has not yet. It takes members to groom trails. Happy trails!

Good evening folks. We are working on getting the railbed(100) groomed and smoothed out prior to the mild weather in the forecast so that it’s smoothed out when it refreezes. Saying that, the groomer is on its way East this evening, upon return will be heading west. If you’re out for a ride tonight or tomorrow please be watching for the flashing lights and ride safe!!

The 100 was groomed last night from coleman west, conditions are good, some gravel in elmsdale along the Dock Rd. It is time folks, PEISA how has the lease on the confederation trail, remember to purchase and display your permit. Let’s hope for an awesome winter!!

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