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Trail update for KASA!
We have gone over all of the trail system. Had a lot of drifting from yesterday that we got cleaned up today. Summerside to Emerald, Indian River Loop, French River, Margate, Granville, Stanley Bridge, Fredericton to rail bed, Rustico has all been gone over double wide. We will be waiting till this storm system moves through before we send them back out.
Great response from todays earlier post for more operators! Still looking for more people to help out as we go!
Safe sledding and enjoy your weekend!!!


Trail update for KASA!
Drag went to Summerside this morning and back out through bypass to Spring Valley, it is currently on its way to Granville then Rustico and back, we will work the rail bed to Emerald tomorrow and try to drag some snow into the bare spots and clean up from the weekend traffic. hope everyone had a great weekend of sledding. Will up date at some point tomorrow on how things go tonight. Remember to give a wave or a thumbs up to the operators.
Safe Sledding and hope to see more snow in the forecast soon!


Trail Update for KASA!
Both machines have been busy working trails today. Trails are in good shape! One Machine left and headed to Fredericton via the rail bed, made it's way to Rustico, Stanley Bridge and back to Louie's, they have switched operators and will be making the way back to Margate this evening to Finish that section of the trail. The second machine has taken care of Summerside, Indian River Loop, Spring Valley and is currently making its way to French River. We will check temps and snow conditions after this weather system and as soon as it is fit we will send them again. Safe Sledding and lets pray that there is minimal rain that comes with this system!!! Don't forget to like and share!!


Trail update for KASA. Both groomers left this morning just as the storm was letting up. We sent one groomer to Fredericton Via the railbed, he proceeded to Rustico, Stanley Bridge and then to Louie's, we have made a driver change and it is working its way back to Margate at this time. The second groomer worked its way to Summerside back out to the Indian River bypass and did Spring Valley area and French River. Tomorrow we will assess the snow conditions and the temps and work from there. Safe Sledding and don't forget to Like , Follow and Share our posts.


Good afternoon sledders,
Yesterday the new Holland groomer went from margate to Louis place in Granville and then to Fredricton, up the railbed to Summerside and back down through margate, it then went in for a minor repair.
I got aboard the piston bully groomer and went to spring Valley, down to French river and then on to Rustico. Only places that there was low snow was in margate and Irishtown. The Kensington bypass trail was not groomed due to low snow conditions. But everything else is in surprisingly good shape.
Get out and enjoy the trails, hope you have a great weekend.


Hello Sledders,
First off I have to apologize for the late update. We have a lot of new board members this year and we didn’t have a login to do this report.
As of right now the new Holland groomer was out 2 days ago and opened the back roads but it was very rough in the fields and they broke the brush gard on the machine. The gard was welded last night and the new Holland groomer was on the go to Granville first thing this morning. It will go to Rustico and to Fredricton then up the rail bed to Summerside. As far as the Kensington bypass trail and out in spring valley conditions are poor and snow is marginal. Also rail bed going through Kensington is not great either.
I will do my best to keep this updated on here now going forward.
Thank you for buying your trail pass!
Regards, RussJ.

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