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Groomer headed up last night at about midnight, we were held up due to snow temperatures, last night when it got cold the groomer went to Rustico, Fredricton, Stanley and back up to the cell tower and did margate and spring valley loop all thanks to our operator pulling a double shift! The groomer has left spring valley area and has been to French River and will be making its way to Louis’s place this evening and back through French River then home to the valley. This will mean that all routes and trails for KASA will be groomed 2 passes for the weekend. Not sure what tomorrow will bring ,but if temps stay down we could possibly go Fredricton way again, due to the traffic and drifting in that area.
Sled safe , keep right and enjoy your weekend.
Thanks RussJ

Groomer went last night did spring valley loop, margate to Kensington cell tower down to Louis’s in Granville . Did 402 to French River back to valley and in the bypass to grain elevators. It was a very busy weekend on our trails and I hope everyone was safe, keep right.

Last night groomer went around 5 pm and did route 304 margate and up to the cell tower, then back spring valley to route 206 bypass and did 206/402 loop in spring valley, all two wide.
Groomer will go east to 208 and back through 402 tonight but not till later night due to heavy sled traffic.
Sled safe and enjoy your weekend! Keep right!

Groomer was out last night and the night before, it done 2 12 hour shifts 1 each way each night, Kensington, spring valley was done Wednesday night and last night it went to rustico, Fredricton, Stanley, and home through French River, the groomer will head out again tonight and do margate ( as trail is open and good to go) Kensington cell tower and valley loop. From what I’ve seen today the trail looks to be in great shape and is two wide in most areas, please use caution in devil’s punch bowl trail as some places are icy. Ride safe, have fun and please stay on trail.

The groomer is going tonight from spring valley to Granville, Fredricton,Stanley bridge, rustico. And back through French River.
Tomorrow it will go the other way and do the sections that aren’t closed due to no snow.
No sense going online looking for the groomer as the GPS is unhooked!!!
You will not see it going and you will not be able to watch it from home on you phone or computer . So don’t ask! If the torture continues I will keep fixing the problems one by one!
Happy Valentine’s Day hope you enjoyed it, I spent mine on the phone catering to this club!

Regards RussJ.

TRAIL CLOSED!!! Parts of 304.

Well after all the phone calls and messages today about trails and grooming I get to still do the job that none of the rest will ever get to do or experience until you’re in my shoes . I regret to inform the snowmobiling public that Route 304 from margate to spring valley is CLOSED!!! Due to low snow conditions! If conditions do not improve it will remain closed for the remainder of the season! But as of now this is a seeded out field and the crop damage is through the roof and the farmer is pissed!
So this being said this will be my groomer report as well. Please respect the decisions of the farmer and do not make negative comments on here or the groomer will be parked indefinitely!! Until snow conditions improve.

Signs will be posted in the next 12 hours.
Thanks RussJ.

Groomer left last evening after supper and went to French River, New London, Granville, Fredricton and Rustico then back to spring valley, operator’s changed in the morning and groomer went to margate then on to Granville, out to the cell town in Kensington, Spring valley loop and the bypass trail in the the Kensington grain elevators. All routes were done except in to Stanley bridge, as there was a tree down that is being addressed right away.

Well we’ve finally be fortunate enough to get a good dumping of snow. I went out in the groomer as a first drive to see what kind of shape we ended up in and I was very surprised, there is good snow down in most places I was today. I left spring valley and headed for French River then on to new London and Granville , from there I went to Fredricton and Stanley bridge then to rustico. The sled I met on the trail today were getting down to the frozen ground , but to snow is so fluffy. On the return pass the trail seemed to be drifting in good and building up. I switched out with another operator so the machine will go all nite and do margate, spring valley and Kensington.
Temperatures are supposed to stay cold so the trail should be in great shape very soon.
Thanks RussJ.

Good evening everyone, I wanted to put a post on to say that the KASA has everything ready to go , groomer is ready and drag has been gone over and we look forward to starting another snowmobile season. We do realize that there is snow down right now but unfortunately not enough to do any amount of grooming. We would like you to understand that our trail is all off railbed and is on private land. We as a club do to a great amount of work to keep this trail open, and work with the land owners to make sure there land is respected. At times like this grooming can be very hard on land and equipment. Snowmobilers have to realize that we need more snow over all. Yes I know the back roads are full but at the same time there has to be enough snow to fill in the ditches to get the groomer down the trail. Now I know there is people saying it should be out but these are also the people that are leaving the marked trail and driving wherever it suits them to get around. This is called trespassing!! Also the biggest reason for trail changes and closures. Trust me nobody wants to see groomed trail more then me, right now there is lots of snow in the forecast so let stay positive and respect one and other and respect all land owners this season. Stay safe and I hope to see you on the trails.
Regards. RussJ.

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