Previous Central Trail Conditions

The central groomer completed the Northside Trail, rte 212, this morning. It is passable but snow is scarse in places. The groomer will make a run to Mt. Stewart and than to Emerald. Enjoy the great trails and watch for groomers around the corners. Sled safe!

Sorry for the late problems. The central groomer is on its way back from completing the rail bed from Elmira to Emerald, rte 100. Going to see what we can do with the Northside Trail, rte 212 next. The railbed has very good snow with only a few bare spots around Mt. Stewart and a few icy spots in some open areas. Sled safe!

The central groomer went to Souris on rte 100 east and returned today. The operator reported a snow covered trail with some drifting in open areas. It is on its way west now reporting the same conditions. It is presently in Fredericton at 5pm. Sled safe and watch the drifts.

NOTICE. Due to a lack of snow, the Northside Trail , rte 212, is not groomed however some sleds are picking their way thru. We have received requests from Farmers with winter wheat fields asking that the sleds stay off these fields until we receive most snow. Sled safe and please obey these landowners requests.

The central groomer completed the run up to Elmira, rte 100, and also into Souris, rte 106. He is now in New Zealand on his return trip on 100 west at 7pm. The driver is reporting great snow with some bare spots between St. Peters and Mt. Stewart. The trails are in great shape so get out and enjoy. Sled safe and watch for lights.

The Central groomer left early this morning on its way east on rte. 100. He is in Morell as of 10 am and reports good snpw on the trail with some bare spots around Mt. Stewart. For a real time update, please go to our website and check out our tracking system. Sled safe

The Central groomer left York heading west on rte 100 this evening. He is seeing more snow west of Hunter River. He will be returning and going east to Souris on rte 100 east. There is not enought snow to groom the Northside Trail, rte 212, but if you are sledding on it please note that when you come out of the woods on the Union Road heading west, you now turn right and go down along the side of the road to a new section of trail. Please be careful as it is a work in progress and needs more signage. Sled safe

Well, we are off to an early start. Hopefully we don't lose it all this weekend.
The groomer left with the drag this morning and went to Emerald. It returned and is on its way to Souris. In Morell at 10 pm this evening. Snow is very good with a good cover on the trail. Going all night until its finished. Sled safe.

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