Previous Central Trail Conditions

CAUTION. Please be aware at the union road end of the north side trail that island telecom is doing work at the Charlottetown water works. They are digging up to install a cable. This work will take place over the next few days. Have got a report there as well that sledders are not staying to the marked trail. If this keeps up we are in jeopardy of losing this trail. We will advise when the work is complete. Thanks for your copperation

Hope everyone is trying to enjoy this weather and little snow what we have. Groomer is in winsloe and ready to go when we have enough snow and temperatures. It has not gone as we were afraid it would do more damage than good. There are some changes this year with driveways and yield signs so please be aware when coming upon them. The North side trail has already seen some issues. PLEASE stick to the designated trail area or we will be in jeopardy of losing this trail. Trail has rope along it across from Dad's Country Store so stay on trail. Weather is constantly changing and was looking good for next week but has changed again. Another note on the North Side trail, the section around the Union Road is shared with the local atv club so use caution in the wooded area trail. Pray for snow so we can all use the trails

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