Previous Central Trail Conditions

The Central groomer left last night heading west on rte. 100. It went into Borden and is now on it's way to Summerside and Grand River. It will then return to Toymaster. If the Northside Trail is froze enought, a pass will be made over it. Watch for Groomer light and sled safe.

Sledders please watch out for a vehicle stuck on the Parker Crossroad. A tractor is blowing a path in to extract the vehicle so be careful on the trail until the groomer can get it cleaned up. Sled safe!

Sledders please watch out for a vehicle stuck on the Parker Crossroad. A tractor is blowing a path in to extract the vehicle so be careful on the trail until the groomer can get it cleaned up. Sled safe!

sorry for delay in posting. Was away from computer for a few days. Central Groomer is out now on way to summerside and borden. Will return later and go to mount stewart before doing a pass on north side trail. Keep in mind that you travel faster than the groomer and to let our drivers know with hand signals how many are in your group. Try not to destroy the trail right after passing the groomer as well as we are getting reports of this all over the island. You want to keep these guys happy as they are the ones building and maintaining the trail system. It is going to be cold til Saturday and our plan is to try to keep it going til then. Sled safe and keep an eye out for the groomers and others. Stay on the right side of the trail. You don't drive your car\truck down the center of the highway so why do you do it on the trail that is smaller. Thanks

Grooming continued through out yesterday and last night. We have a pass over all our system now and are starting our second pass and widening out the trail. North side trail was done last night. Be aware of low branches in some of the wooded areas. It left early this morning heading back to summerside and borden. When returning this afternoon\evening it will go to mount stewart and probably another pass on the north side trail. It is a long weekend so be careful. Lots of traffic expected sunday and Monday but the weather is not looking favorable for grooming. Warmer temps expected sunday night in Monday but colder on Tuesday. Hopefully this changes so we can get a pass on sunday night or Monday. Again accidents are being reported so sled safe. Leave the alcohol til after the ride is over.

Groomer has run all night from winsloe to summerside and to borden. Operators are switching this morning and will be running the main railbed now heading to mount stewart to help out in the east. On the way back it will do a pass on the north side trail and back to winsloe to refuel. Keep an eye out today as there will be a lot of traffic and sled safe. Again the groomer will be out steady for the next few days.

Central groomer will be leaving winsloe this evening and heading for summerside along the rail bed and the loop to Borden. Please use Caution in this areas the evening . We will be continueing to groomer as long as the weather permits. We are hearing a lot of talk on the trails. Some good, Some Bad. If people are not happy with the current way then maybe they are the people to spark a change for the better. Our drivers are a precious commodity so before passing judgement on them are you prepared to put the sometimes 14-16 hours in a tractor\groomer by yourself to benefit all the others. Sled safe sled sober. If you take it in take it out with you

groomer has been moving since Saturday morning and now has at least one pass over all our trails . We did a run over to springside trails on Saturday night to crapaud and on sunday to the upper part of trail. Just received a call that there was a car stuck on the Quinn road again so take caution in this area. We will be taking a brief break today and tomorrow for some maintenance on the tractor as we had some amintenece to do on the drag last week. Volunteers are doing great and are appreciated so before you go on a rant without them it would be up to you to do there job

Sorry for the delay in posting. Operator ran the groomer yesterday on main trail from winsloe to borden then to summerside and back to winsloe. There were some bad areas of drifting and some more areas of lack of snow. New operator was in it this morning early and did another run over the rail bed as for the high winds there was some concern of drifting. He did a complete pass back to summerside again and out to Albany and back to winsloe. Going to Refuel and tonight try a pass on the north side trail(212) and then a pass over to springside system. If all goes good and operators available we will get out to crapaud trail before Saturday. Fingers Crossed. We have been holding off on the country trails as there was some concern of water in the fields. These cold temps should fix this . Remember if your are travelling the groomers could be moving whenever so drive with care and do not drink and ride. You could end up hurting someone more than yourself.

After a few small issues to start the day yesterday we got on the go a little later than expected. Thanks to Green Diamond for there fast response. We got to do the first pass over the springside section of trails. We did the (213) from lanks to the (405) trail to cornwall and back. Then We continued on the (405) towards the ski park and the (413) as far as gass's store. We returned back to winsloe to refuel. Last evening we did a pass on the north side trail (212)and turned towards summerside on trail (100) and back towards winsloe. Today it will be going towards kinkora and borden on Trail (101) and go do the Albany-crapaud trail (209) . Please be aware of this as there are banks to be busted and it will not be fast going so try to avoid this area . Thanks for your patience

central groomer has been going non stop since yesterday. Have a great bunch of driver that are doing there best to get the trails opened. As said yesterday it was doing the 100 trail from charlottetown to Kensington and had an issue that tied us up for a few hours. After fixing this we were back on the go and finished into summerside. Please be patient with this as when we switched operators last night in emerald the new driver went to borden on trail 101 and was there 12 hours to bust banks and redo trail. Replaced drivers again this morning and went to assist KASA with there groomer in Spring Valley. Operator is now on way back to Charlottetown for fuel and will continue running threw out the night prepping the north side trail (212). Once completed we will go to the springside system and begin opening there trails. Again these people are volunteers and the comments u make do not make there job any better. Most times these guys are running 12-14 hour shifts so before you criticize the trails remember there would be none if not for the select few. Thanks to all our operators

The central groomer went west on Rte 100 from Charlottetown this morning and encounters large drift in the Freetown area. Spent several hours stuck but is now back on the trail. He is in S'Side now and will be returning to Emerald. He will drop the drag and bust banks into Borden on rte. 101. He will then take the drag back into Borden and return to Town. Sled safe.

The central groomer went to S'Side on Rte 100 last night and returned to Town. It will be parked until the winds subside. Sled safe.

Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been out running. Started last week and were able to do to freetown were the snow was sparse and a pass on the north side trail before the storm on the weekend. The groomer was out all day yesterday with a pass from union road to summerside at green diamond and back out to borden at to winsloe again. It did the main railbed last night to summerside to winsloe again. Brett is out now to do the north side trail but be CAREFUL. He is reporting some deep waterholes between the Hardy Mill Road and Union Road. Tractor was thru them and made attempts to repair but be careful. Colder weather is coming so it will setup. Groomers are going at all hours of the day so be aware and heads up. Remember that these people are volunteers are deserve to be treated with kindness and respect if not for them the trails would be a lot worse


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