Previous Central Trail Conditions

Central Groomer started last night at around 8pm and went west toward miscouche on route 100 west and turned for the grand river trail. Returned back to Winsloe for a double pass and we did a driver switch and returned back west to borden. We do have some drifting in areas so proceed with caution. Plan is to do the north side trail tonite for a double pass and see what our weather situation will be from there.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Techinical issues. Central ran thursday night a got a complete pass on the railbed from Winsloe to Borden on 100 west and 101. Returned to emerald for fuel and continued on 100 west to miscouche and back. Trails are holding up from feedback that we are getting back. We then did the Nort h Side Trail Route 212 early this morning and widen it out. Plan is to go this evening back on route 100 west and hopefully open this side of the Grand River Trail Route 204.
Now for some bad news. Snow is starting to go back to Oreo Mcflurry status on parts of the railbed which we all know means we need more snow or stay on the right side of the trail and let it crown so we can process it easier. Operators are also telling us of seeing a lot of garbage (empty cans and bottles) on the trails. If it is not to heavy for you to put it in your sled than it isnt that heavy for you to take it back out when you empty it. Lastly ... to the person that hit the gate at the Wilmot Valley Road past kensington. Your parts are still scattered there. Your skidoo took a hard hit. Can you please make the association aware when this stuff happens. We dont need your name but we would like to make sure proper signage is in place where it is needed (Stop Sign-Arrows-ETC). try to enjoy the trails as long range is mild on tuesday. Start Shaking and hope it changes

Groomer left Winsloe early last night and proceeded west on Route 100 to Emerald and turn for Borden. Returned to Emerald and switched drivers to go to miscouche and back to Charlottetown to Outriders. We grabbed fuel and did one pass on the North Side Trail as we do have some work to do there hopefully later today. Need to fill in some ditches at certain roads. Hopefully get that done this afternoon and do the second pass on it tonight and continue to do another pass on the main trail tonight. Grand river trail will be decided next week and will post when we do a pass on it.

Central groomer left Winsloe this morning and went west on the 100 to Green Diamond in Summerside. Again with the marginal conditions we are not able to do much with it. Best way to describe the snow conditions is a Oreo McFlurry. We will have to wait and see what we get for weather tomorrow and reassess again. Hard to believe how many people are still driving in the center of the trails. There are new slow signs in Kensington between valley truss and highway 2. They are put there cause sleds are not paying attention to the driveways ahead signs. Try to get a pass on North side and Borden again shortly. Seen a lot of tracks going around the marked trails. If we want to keep what we got please stick to the marked trails. Start shaking your body’s and get your snow dance on!

Reports that we are getting is that there is less snow on the majority of the rail bed. We feel that if we send it out tonight it could thin it out even more than it is now. The little dusting we got this morning is now long gone. Had some small issues that we got fix. Big thanks to Jeff Stewart for his help today. Weather is still talking sunny breaks again tomorrow and that is not helping. Tuesday looking good so far and that’s all we need to help. Been told of a tractor blow out of the trail between cavendish farms and Wilmot valley. Take caution in this area. If there are issues concerning the trail like this please email the association. Sled safe

Central Groomer left early this morning and went to do the North Side trail. Call It Fair. Some fields little snow and other spots decent snow. Rail bed around the trail is still good for what we got left for snow but assuming after today it maybe the end of it until we get more snow. The centers are taking a beating for sure and event the groomer driving on it you can see the dirt and gravel. Sled safe stay to the right and start the snow dances.

Central Groomer been on the go since this morning. Left inside the thaw out the ice and grease machine. Thanks to Gary and toymaster for letting us keep it inside. Driver proceeded out 100 west to emerald and turned towards borden on Route 101. Came back to Emerald and did a driver switch and now heading back on Route 100 west to green diamond in summerside. Reports we are geting is less and less snow around the bypass in summerside area. PLease if you are reading this stop cutting across the field next to decker rd and going thru comptons fields to get to the irving. Go around by slemon park and run along the road for now. Hopefully something can materialize this week coming. Watch the weather for the next few days. Milder tomorrow and cooler temps on the weekend. Expecting a lot of traffic this long weekend but we really need more snow to help with what we got. Plan is to return to charlottetown tonight and do North side trail tomorrow evening. Will update more when we know more. Again stay on the right side of the trails helps. These people who drive in the centers all the time are the ones who are ruining your trail. Do your snow dance everyone

Groomer left Winsloe last night and did a pass on the North Side trail. Still a few bare spots and less snow in some areas but still being used. When it got back to Winsloe we did a driver switch and went back to Summerside on 100 west. Thanks to western for doing that little extra last night. Returned to town and did into outriders and back to BJ’s before back to Toymaster. Groomer is going inside tonight to thaw out from all the trips and getting a quick maintenance before going back out tomorrow morning to Borden. Will update in the morning. Drive safe and stay on the right side of the trail and stick to the marked trails

Groomer ran the 100 west last night to miscouche. Overall said not to bad. Usual areas that dont hold snow still dont. Changed drivers early this morning and going to do into outriders than head back out and do 100 west to Emerald than turn and make a pass to Borden and back to winsloe Today. Plan is to changed drivers again and start the north side trail tonight. Seen lots of tracks on it so assuming it is good. Be aware that the groomer is wider than you so heads up when coming around blind corners. Dress Warm Its chilly.

Groomer has left winsloe and is heading towards summerside tonight. Be aware and be careful. Lots of snow on the trail and sleds are already getting stuck to move out of the way. Be patient as this will take some time. We are still expecting bare spots towards Summerside as there was less snow from what i was being told. Hoping to keep this going for the next few days to pack what is there while it is cold. Will be going to borden the next day and the north side trail after that. North side did have some wash out areas so be careful. Will update later when updated from driver

Looks like we are back to square one again. Was hoping for a change in the weather but I guess Mother Nature is working against us. We did take the central groomer out sunday and ran a test to the north side loop from winsloe. We tried pulling some in from the sides as it was beat in the center. There was spots it was going well and others where there was alot of gravel mixed in it. Started on the north side trail but turned back as the snow was piling in the drag. Everything is working and ready to go when we get the conditions to go. Keep hoping for the best.

CAUTION. Please be aware at the union road end of the north side trail that island telecom is doing work at the Charlottetown water works. They are digging up to install a cable. This work will take place over the next few days. Have got a report there as well that sledders are not staying to the marked trail. If this keeps up we are in jeopardy of losing this trail. We will advise when the work is complete. Thanks for your copperation

Hope everyone is trying to enjoy this weather and little snow what we have. Groomer is in winsloe and ready to go when we have enough snow and temperatures. It has not gone as we were afraid it would do more damage than good. There are some changes this year with driveways and yield signs so please be aware when coming upon them. The North side trail has already seen some issues. PLEASE stick to the designated trail area or we will be in jeopardy of losing this trail. Trail has rope along it across from Dad's Country Store so stay on trail. Weather is constantly changing and was looking good for next week but has changed again. Another note on the North Side trail, the section around the Union Road is shared with the local atv club so use caution in the wooded area trail. Pray for snow so we can all use the trails

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