Previous Eastern Trail Conditions

Unfortunately we did not receive enough snow here in the Eastern section of the trail system. Most of the fields have less than 3 or 4 inches and with the ground froze as hard as it is it would be rough on grooming equipment as well as snowmobiles. The railbed trail has many spots that were completely bare but the bigger problem is the amount of ice on the trail and with very little snow cover it would be easy for the groomer to slide off under these conditions

Groomer is still running as we have completed the #104 to Murray River from Vernon River. Last night the groomer did the #305 to Munn's Road and the #305A from County Line Road through the Klondike Road. After refueling the groomer headed East on the #221 through Cardigan, Dundas and Ashton. We have a driver change at 8.00 am and will be continuing back from Ashton and then doing the #103 from Mt.Stewart to New Perth before returning to Vernon River for fuel and then doing the #105 into Mt. Herbert again. Reminder that Trail #104 from Pisquid to Lake Verde is closed due to construction.

It is a shame that almost every time it snows we have to get a mild spell as well. I think we are a little better off after last snowfall even with rain and 24 hour mild temperature. We tried this evening to see if all the water under the snow would rise to the top after going through with drag but it appears we will be ok. Concern was that water would make trail very icy. Operator indicated trail is shaping up well after one pass with drag. Tonight we will be doing Trail # 105 into Mt. Herbert and then onto Greenfield #217 and Mt. Stewart on the #104. Groomer will continue to run as we will do our best to have all trails open for the weekend. Big thanks to the group of volunteers who spent today trimming the trail on the #305 to Murray River. There were many low lying trees in this area and going to be nice to have it cleaned up.

We kept grooming all d ay Monday even with the wind, mostly railbed trails so were somewhat sheltered. Did the #104 from Vernon River to Murray Harbour as well as trail into Stratford. Last night we were heading down the 305 when the tire on drag blew around 11.30pm. We had a spare and were going by 8 this morning. Finished the 305 to the Floating Bridge and are now heading to Ashton on the #221. We may have a fix for section of trail from Pisquid to Lake Verde, will be meeting with some land owners today to get permission. Further update on that section of trail tomorrow. Hopefully we do not get too much rain tomorrow.

What a great snowfall we had last night and today. It was well needed as there were many spots coming up gravel after Saturday mild weather. Groomer left this evening after temperature got cold enough and heading for Mt. Stewart through the # 217 and #103. Will also do into Georgetown tonight before heading to Murray River and Stratford. More updates in morning

Trail # 305 down to Murray River was finished up yesterday evening and after refueling in Vernon River the groomer went towards Ashton on the #221. Fields are still rough but woods and unplowed roads have excellent snow conditions. We will do another pass on the trail between Mt.Stewart and Greenfield today. Hopefully more snow is on the way.

The groomer left Vernon River yesterday after the wind went down and did trail #105 to Mt.Herbert and then did The 104 from Vernon River to Murray Harbour. After filling up with fuel at 2.00 am this morning it headed through Greenfield to Mt.Stewart and did a double pass from there to Georgetown. Plan is to do the 305 to Murray River this afternoon and check out the 221 to Ashton. Reports are that snow cover is good on rail bed but poor in many parts of the cross country trail because wind blew most of the snow off the fields. On another note the trail between Pisquid and Lake Verde is under construction in sections and there are bare spots as the construction company is cleaning snow off the trail in this area to apply shale, Avoid if possible

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