Previous Eastern 1 Trail Conditions

Groomer is travelling on the 103 from Pisquid to Peakes. Will be doing the 221 through Dundas to Ashton today and returning the same way.
Some drifting today but for the first week of March we are in great shape!

It appears that we came through the mild and wet weather this week in pretty good shape. There will likely be a few bare spots in the normal areas where snow can be scarce like Scotchford and possibly St Peter's.
Groomer left after it got cold enough yesterday evening and went to Mt Stewart on the #104 through Lake Verde and then into Toymaster on the #100 West before returning to Mt Stewart and heading East to Morell, Souris and Elmira throughout the day today.
We will be sticking to main trails today as we wait for some water spots in the fields to either freeze or subside.
Will update later in the day

Hard to believe when they talk about a big snow for days we get next to nothing (Thursday Feb 27 suppose to be 15-20cm) and then on a Sunday (March 1) with very little lead up and no warnings till early Sunday morning we get a nice snowfall of over 20 cm. Hopefully this bonus snow will help us survive the mild weather coming for the next couple of days. We did leave through the night to pack the new snow down hoping that will make it harder to melt away. Left Vernon River and went up the #104 through Lake Verde and into Mt.Stewart before heading west on the #100 into Toymaster. Will keep groomer going as long as temperatures allow today.

Well the 10 to 15 cm we were looking forward to in the east amounted to only ice pellets, freezing rain and rain. It has made our trails very icy but once the groomer goes over it and breaks the ice up seems to be ok and provides lubrication for cooling. Groomer left Vernon River this afternoon on the 104. Went into Mt.Herbert on the 105 and then on to Mt.Stewart. He is doing the #100 West from there to Toymaster and then through the night we will do Mt.Stewart to Souris and Elmira. Please ride carefully and slow down some because the trail is not the same as it was a week ago.

Eastern groomer finally stopped last night after over 50 consecutive hours of grooming and all trails on the PEISA Eastern trail system have been done with a minimum of two passes everywhere and in some cases on heavy traffic areas 4 or 6 passes. It should be a busy weekend and with temperatures getting close to freezing mark and above. Any grooming that we will be able to do for the next few days will be at night for a few hours

Groomer is still running and since last report we have finished the run from Souris to Mt.Stewart on the # 100. Another pass was done on the 103 to New Perth and then the 217 from New Perth to Vernon River. After a fuel stop the #104 from Vernon River to Pisquid was done as well as the 105 into Mt.Herbert before returning back on the 217 through Greenfield as is now heading up towards Ashton on the #221. This will take all day to complete and with these cold temperatures the trail is hard and fast with some icy spots so please ride safe!!!! Reminder of demo days today at Greenfield club house on Rt 217

Groomer left on Wednesday evening after the temperature went down. Through the night we made one pass on the #217 from Vernon River to New Perth. Then traveled on the #103 from New Perth to Mt.Stewart before heading to Souris through Morell and St.Peter's on the 100 East. Will do into Elmira before returning back on the 100. Will provide another update this evening but if all goes well groomer will be running continuous for the next few days to take advantage of the great grooming weather conditions

Groomer has been very busy the last few days. Last night trail 305 was done from Greenfield to Floating bridge with two passes and then groomer went to New Perth on the 217 before going to Mt.Stewart on the 103. Traveled down the 104 from Pisquid River to Vernon River. Trail 105 into Mt.Herbert was also done last night. Groomer will be parked until after next snow and mild weather. When temperatures drop down we will be moving again.

The groomer left last night when the temperature was cold enough outside. The groomer did (104) from Vernon River to Murray Harbour and back.Then groomed (217) to Greenfield, the ( 305) to Floating bridge and back. Then New Perth to Georgetown on (103).

We will be doing (103)into Mt Stewart, (104) through Lake Verde before heading on (100) east to Souris and Elmira.

Great to see all this fresh snow the last few days. It has been very difficult to run the groomer with the temperature staying around 0 degrees. We went last night as there was a small window through the night to get some done before snow and mild temperatures today. We did trail from Vernon River to New Perth (217) and New Perth to Mt.Stewart (103) through the night as well as trail (104) through Lake Verde and trail 106 into Mt. Herbert. Groomer will be parked during the day today but it looks promising beginning tonight with cold temperatures. Groomer will start again as soon as temperatures allow

Groomer is still running today(Monday morning). We have done trail 305 to Murray River as well as the 104 to Murray Harbour. Last night we did the 221 up through Ashton and Dundas. Also did trail 100 East to Elmira and 106 into Souris. Groomer is almost back to Cardigan on the 221 and will then do the 103 into Georgetown before going to Mt.Stewart and back through Lake Verde and Mt.Herbert

I must apologize for the delay in filing reports. Groomer left yesterday (Saturday) morning and traveled through Lake Verde(104)and into Toymaster on the (100). Upon returning it went to New Perth on the 103 and back through Lake Verde on route to Murray Harbour on the 104. as I do this report the groomer is heading to New Perth on the 217. Unfortunately yesterday we experienced issues with the #4 groomer and it will be unavailable for a few days so the # 1 will be doing the entire Eastern area so it will take a little more time. I will update this evening on what was finished today.

It has not been easy getting the trails groomed this week with the sunny mild day time temperatures. Groomer has done trail # 104 through Lake Verde up to Mt.Stewart and then the #100 was done from Mt.Stewart through Morell to Elmira and the #106 into Souris. Returned the same way and did the #221 from Ashton to Campbell's Irving in Dundas where it met the #4 groomer coming from Cardigan. Returned back to Ashton and then back to Mt.Stewart. Groomer is doing the #105 into Mt.Herbert as we post this report. All trails are in great shape in the east with lots of traffic. I encourage everyone to slow down and KEEP RIGHT on the trails. There have been several reports of center of the trail driving and near collisions. Maybe we will luck out with this next expected snowfall on Friday and will not disappear like last weekend.

Groomer is still running this morning after a very successful day yesterday. We were able to do trail #221 through Dundas and Ashton and then the #100 East into Elmira and the #106 into Souris. Came back going West on the 100 and id through St.Peters, Morell and all the way to Mt Stewart before returning the same way back to Ashton. Came back down through the #221 through the night and will be heading into Mt Herbert on the #105 this morning. We will be doing a service later today but all trails should be in great shape as most have had at least 4 passes and some up to 6 passes since Tuesday night

The wind is not helping matters much but the snow we are receiving with it is helping in the areas where there is little snow on the trails and in some cases the trails were quite icy. Yesterday the groomer made it to Ashton intersection on the #100 East completing through Morell and Mt.Stewart. Today he is on his way up the #221 through Dundas and will continue into Souris and Elmira

After three days of mild snow removing weather it is finally cold again. Groomer left early this morning from Vernon River heading up the #104 through Lake Verde. We will go into Mt.Herbert first on the #105 before going up to Mt. Stewart and then into Toymaster on the #100 West. Plan is to head Souris way tonight. Hopefully we are still in decent shape with snow cover but there could be some bare patches in the normal areas. Will update later after groomer operator gives me a report.

Groomer did trail into Mt.Herbert, into Toymaster's from Mt. Stewart, the #104 through Lake Verde and the #103 from Mt. Stewart to New Perth and back on Thursday night. Trail holding up well considering the amount of traffic and the milder temperatures between Wednesday and Friday evening. There will be lots of machines on the go Saturday so we will be waiting till Saturday night to begin grooming again.

Groomer has been going steady now for almost two days. On Tuesday we did trail 100 East from Mt.Stewart to Elmira and the #106 into Souris. There was also two passes done on the #100 from Toymaster's to Mt.Stewart. The #104 from Mt.Stewart to Vernon River also has two passes. All trails are hard and in very good shape. Groomer will be going for service and inspection today and resume again tonight.

The snow on Sunday was a real bonus. "Snow without major wind". Definitely not something we see regularly. Saturday after the major winds we had on Friday we were able to open some of the trail, but not all. We left early this morning (Monday) with the box drag and went through Lake Verde on the #104. We had a lot of bank and drift busting to do between Mt. Stewart and St.Peter's but we were able to make it passable. Came down through Ashton trail #221 and back to Vernon River to hook on to the drag. Will groom throughout the night doing trail into Mt. Herbert and Lake Verde then heading into Toymaster's on the #100 West. Plan is to groom to Souris and Elmira on the #100 East tomorrow with the drag. If you are out please be aware that all trails are not finished and there may be places with unexpected drifts that can be dangerous if not going proper speeds for conditions.

Groomer is still running, through the night we did trail 104 through Lake Verde to Mt.Stewart and then did the 100 East to Elmira and the 106 into Souris. Back to Mt.Stewart this morning and we will do the trail from Mt.Stewart to Toymaster before returning through Lake Verde on the 104. Will then wait till tonight to see how much blowing snow there is in the east.

Groomer left through the night and did trail 104 from Vernon River to Mt.Stewart. Went into Toymaster on the 100 West and returned to Mt.Stewart. Will be heading to Souris and Elmira today on the 100 East. Looks like storm for end of the week is off and cold temperatures coming so groomer will be running continuous for the next few days.

The weekend did not do us any favours with the snow conditions. The mild weather on Saturday afternoon and evening did take a lot of the snow away and the snow that fell on Sunday is more like sand on the beach. There are a couple of positives about that "sandy snow". It is very hard and did not drift. We tried to see what the drag and groomer would do with it yesterday afternoon and it actually broke it up and made it more like a powder and much looser behind the drag. It does not appear that it will pack the way regular snow does. We will try later today and give updates but at this point we might be better off not doing anything for a day or two.

Well it was sure nice to see the dumping of snow we received on Wednesday. In the east there is around 30cm in some areas and up to 50cm in some of the more eastern areas like Murray River. Groomer left mid morning and headed to Mt. Herbert on the Rt 105. Then went through Lake Verde on the 104 to Mt. Stewart. Now heading towards Souris on the 100 East. Will be going throughout the night. Snow is soft and full of powder so please be patient and allow us to continue to keep grooming if conditions allow and trails will improve. It is going to take a few passes to get snow on trail to harden up.

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