Previous Eastern 1 Trail Conditions

The groomer is still running as of 7.00 am on Saturday morning since leaving Thursday evening. Last night we did a return trip into Toymaster's on the #100, and as usual we still have some spots with very low snow cover, seems to be the pattern for this entire season. Trail #104 from Mt.Stewart to Vernon River will has had four passes and we have also made two passes on the #105 into Mt.Herbert. Groomer is now on way back to Vernon River and with expected traffic and milder temperatures we will be in a holding pattern to see when next chance to move comes up.

Finally!! cold enough to move the groomers again.
We have had a couple of episodes of snow this week followed by mild weather that took some of the new snow away. Anyway we left on Thursday evening and went through the night first taking the #104 from Vernon River to Mt.Stewart and then heading into Toymaster's on the 100 West. Returned to Mt.Stewart after fueling and groomer is now just outside of Souris. Operator reports that trail is shaping up very well. We will continue to run for the day and night till weather becomes mild again on Saturday. Will update this evening on where we are.

The Eastern groomer left from Vernon River on Wednesday evening and headed out on the #104 towards Mt.Stewart. It turned left on the #105 and completed run in and out of Mt.Herbert before continuing to Mt. Stewart. Trail into Toymaster's (#100)is completed with two passes. Groomer is now on way to Souris and Elmira and will continue to run for the day with expected cold temperatures.

Unfortunately based on reports I have received the past few days the majority of the railbed trail system is very poor with very little snow and lots of gravel. I have been told Trail # 100 from Mt.Stewart to Toymaster is very poor with many bare spots. Mt.Stewart to New Perth on the #103 is one of the busiest sections of trail on PEI and there is also lots of gravel showing with very little snow. Trail #100 from Mt.Stewart to St.Peter's is also very short of snow with many gravel areas showing up With almost no snow available to work with there is nothing we can do, we would only be bringing more gravel to the top. Our cross country trails are also lacking snow in fields and woods. Most unplowed roads are in good shape with some snow available. At this time we will have to wait till after Tuesday's expected snowfall before we can resume grooming.

Groomer left this morning and did #104 to Mt.Stewart and then into Toymaster on the #100. Back to Mt.Stewart and backdown the #104 to Lake Verde where the #105 into Mt.Herbert was done. We are heading to Georgetown now on the 217. Will be doing all the way into Georgetown and then doing trail into Montague. When the groomer returns early tomorrow morning we will not be going out again till traffic goes down Saturday evening. There will not be much we will be able to do in many sections of the trail system where snow is at a minimum. The groomer has no snow available to process so it makes it very difficult to do anything in these areas. Need another good dumping of snow

The Eastern groomer is on the go again today heading up to Souris and Elmira on the #100. There are sections of the trail with very little snow cover and unfortunately there is nothing we can do except try to bring as much snow as we can in from the sides. We did the trail into Toymaster and Mt.Herbert on Wednesday and will do again before the weekend. There will be lots of machines out over the next few days and people need to realize there is not a over abundance of snow and trails will deteriate fast. We will be grooming steady as we can with the available snow but it is going to be difficult with lack of snow

Groomer finished entire trail system through the night. It is far from perfect but it is a start. There are still areas on the trail with little snow cover (Mt.Stewart and St.Peter's) and other areas with minimal snow. With the expected traffic over the next few days it will be hard to maintain a perfect trail. The cold temperatures are going to help. We will be heading out later today and doing the entire system again

Groomer left Monday evening from Vernon River did trail #105 into Mt Herbert. Then up the #104 to Mt Stewart and then into Toymaster. Groomer is now heading toward Souris and Elmira.
The groomer will be running all day and night

Even though we have had some snow for the last 10 days there is just not enough to do any grooming anywhere here in the Eastern end of the trail system. I realize that everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the trails but there are places where snow is scarce and we are doing damage to some farmers fields, especially alfalfa and winter wheat fields. We are given permission by these land owners to use these fields and I have had several calls from them with concerns. Because of a lack of snow exactly where the trail is marked, snowmobilers are going places where they can find more snow and this appears to be the biggest issue. Hopefully the snow will arrive soon and we can officially start the season with proper grooming and snow conditions.

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