The PEI Snowmobile Excellence Awards & Hall of Fame

The PEI Snowmobile Association Hall of Fame was first established in 2015. A committee was formed consisting of well known and respected snowmobilers with their mandate being to identify individuals who have made a positive impact on snowmobiling over the past 40 years by dedicating their time and passion to our sport. The inductee’s recognition plaques are displayed at various popular snowmobile destinations as well as at each of the dealerships. The entire idea has been well received by the PEI snowmobiling community.

The first four Hall of Fame inductees in 2015.
From left to right: Murray MacPherson, David Bernard (representing his dad Richard), George

Webster, Cathy Dickieson (PEISA administrator), Gerry Martin, and PEISA
president Dale Hickox.


Dale Parsons

Dale started sledding in the late sixties on a skidoo bought from Stanley Mayhew. Dale and his wife Janice still spend many hours on their faithful Yamaha Venture. Ever since KASA started a groomed trail system Dale has volunteers many hours putting up signs, clearing trees with his chainsaw, collecting land permits and grooming trails of course. Dale served for many years on the KASA Board of Directors and has been a valued volunteer to Snowmobiling on Prince Edward Island.

Linda Constable

Linda first became a PEISA board member in 1999 when she was asked to be one of the two Springside Snowmobile Association representatives to attend all the Snowmobile Association monthly meetings. By 2008 Linda had become even more active with the PEISA. She was asked to attend the International Snowmobile Congress in Boise, Idaho and after only attending once PEI was to host the 2009 International even. Linda was one of the key organizers in planning this event, which hosted over 400 delegates from Canada, United States, Sweden, and Russia. Linda contributed 100’s of volunteer hours to this event to help make it one of the most successful Congresses ever held. Linda represented PEISA at these International events for another 10 years and was elected to be Secretary-Treasurer of the International Snowmobile Congress which she still is today.

As a PEISA board member Linda worked on many different committee’s including the lead on different Snowmobile Shows held by the PEISA from 2008 to 2015. She was one of the main organizers on the successful PEISA Celebration Ride held in 2014 which was attended by over 125 snowmobile riders from Canada and United States. This was a three-day event that was recognized by the International Snowmobile Congress as the #1 event to promote “Go Snowmobiling” in Canada. Linda volunteered many years as a PEISA board member, and for her local club Springside Snowmobile Club. It is safe to say Linda has a huge role is putting the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association on the map.



Richard Bernard
Richard was a co-founder, dedicated volunteer, and driving force behind the formation of the Wellington Sno-Riders and president from 1989 to his sudden passing in 2010. The Wellington Sno-Riders are honored to host the Richard Bernard memorial run every season.

Murray MacPherson
Murray was one of original members of the PEI Snowmobile Association. He has served as vice-president and president for several terms as well as a term as president of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations.

Gerry Martin
Gerry first came onto the PEI Snowmobile Association board in 1991, he was elected president from 1995 till 2002. Gerry was the driving force behind a proposal to allow the Snowmobile Association to use the newly abandoned CN Island wide rail system as part of our trail system, now known as the Confederation Trail. Sadly, Gerry passed away in January 2021 – he is greatly missed by the snowmobile community.

George Webster
George is one of the best-known Island racers and promotors of PEI snowmobiling. George once raced against the late Formula One racing star Gilles Villeneuve at an oval track in Quebec. George also served as PEISA president for several years before entering politics.



Art Gennis
Art was the founding President and driving force to organized snowmobiling on PEI. Art knew the strength that one provincial body would serve very well to get the support and recognition needed to be successful. After less than three years, Art put PEI snowmobiling on the map by bringing Mark Lester of Supertrax magazine to PEI in 1991 for a two-day ride. Mark wrote an impressive three-page article describing PEI snowmobiling as place with smooth, wide, mind-boggling trails and incredible scenery. Art produced Snowdrift magazine in 1993. The magazine published four times a year, provided Island snowmobilers’ information on club events and activities across the Island along with various sled reviews, advertising and some tongue and cheek. In 1991 Art attended the International Snowmobile Congress and was able to bring ISC to PEI in the summer of 1994. This is an annual event hosted June of each year at different locations across Canada and US with attendees from across North America. The 1994 ISC was a huge success bringing recognition to PEI as and raising over $36,000 for the PEI Snowmobile Association. Art with his passion and vision for organized snowmobiling on PEI, stayed on with the PEI Snowmobile Association as a valued board member representing the central area of PEI, chairing special events and fundraising, producing the newsletter and providing a wealth of knowledge and information to assist the association to continue into the future. The PEISA congratulates Art on his induction, it is well deserved.

Ben & Lorna Cairns
Ben started snowmobiling in the late sixties Ben was very well known in the Summerside area, he knew everyone and they knew him. He found routes for the trail to get through Summerside and got many land permits no one else could get. He also was the voice of snowmobiler’s as a member of the town council. Lorna passed away in 2020 and Ben has given up snowmobiling these days but their mark on the sport will be long remembered.

Donald MacLeod
Donald has been a very active and passionate snowmobiler his whole life, he has held many volunteer positions with the Kensington and Area Snowmobile Association over the years including director, treasurer and president. He has also served for many years as the KASA representative on the PEI Snowmobile Association board. He was one of the key individuals in the development and layout of the Kensington trail system and today still works with the organization by signing, tree trimming and collecting land consent forms. For three consecutive years beginning in 2008 he attended the International Snowmobile Congress on behalf of the Prince Edward Island snowmobilers.

David MacLeod
David has been one of the longest running volunteers in the Eastern area Trail system. Over the years he has always been there to help trim trees, mark trails every year for as long as anyone can remember, operate groomers including back in the original tractor grooming days, then running and fixing Tuckers and now helping groom with the Soucy Track groomers. David was one of the first members when Greenfield Stormriders was first formed and can always be counted on to help at any fundraisers including races where he is usually the chef. David and his wife Margaret live on the family farm in Vernon and they have three children, son Christopher and daughters Emily and Katherine. Congratulations and well-deserved David on your introduction to the PEISA Hall of Fame.

Cathy Dickieson
Cathy had been actively involved with the PEISA as the administrator for 23 years. She was the one common thread that held the organization together. She worked with over 100 different board members as well as providing her knowledge to six different PEISA presidents. She has seen a lot of changes over the years and her excellent leadership skills have helped make organization as strong as it is today.
Cathy and her husband Steve have two children, their son Matt and daughter Sam and have resided in Milton for many years. The Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association is very pleased to honor Cathy as a very worthy recipient into the Hall of Fame.


Garth Reid
Garth has been an asset to the PEISA and KASA. He has taken charge of the trail from Stanley Bridge to Rustico and makes sure signs go up and get taken down. He clears any trees and limbs that get in the way. Most importantly he helps to develop relationships with land owners in this area. The Pinetree Lodge is on his section of trail and he plays a major role in keeping it up and running. Garth served several years on the KASA and was a valuable board member Congratulations Garth on your admission to the PEI Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

Richard Livingstone
Richard has been the announcer for the Prince County Vintage Snowmobile Drag Racing Club since 2007. He has announced every ice race they had and was an active member of the club. He was always willing to lend a hand helping out with race track setup and to the snowmobile racing community. Richard was also an active member of the O’Leary Sno-Riders club days in the 80&90’s. Richard also served for many years on the PEISA board as one of the western members. He could always be counted on to help resolve any issues that may have popped up in his area.


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