Central Trail Report

Groomer Left late last night (march 9) and proceeded west on route 100 to summerside and miscouche.  Reports back that the Grand river trail were in good shape as of last night.  Returned back to charlottetown and did the run into outriders and back to brackley before return to winsloe.  There are more icy spots and bare spots showing up all the time.  Take notice in kensington on railbed that there should be new speed signs.  We are getting a lot of complaints of speed in that area and the town has the right to implement a speed reduction.  City police are able to inforce this by law.  The weather is not looking good for the next few days so lets hope we may be able to keep something after it is a ll done.  Rather not start from scratch but really we have been processing the same snow for about 2 weeks now and it is good for what we got.  Get out today and enjoy and hope it is not the last of it.  Side note we are seeing lots of snow at road crossings building up.  PLease cross slowly and wait til you are a good distance away before rooster tailing.  Have had to ask farmers to go clean up after cause of damage to cars.  Sled Safe

Eastern 1 Trail

Groomer left Sunday evening and did the #104 from Vernon River to Pisquid River, the the #103 from there to New Perth intersection and back. Headed up to Ashton on the #100 from Mt.Stewart and heading back before weather is too mild. Ashton to Souris will be done tonight if possible.

Island 4 Trail

Groomer went out last night from Vernon River on the 104 railbed, groomed though Lake Verde to Mount Stewart. From Mount Stewart the groomer went to Winsloe on the 100. Groomer Double back to Vernon River completing two full passes in those areas.

KASA Trail

Last night the groomer went through new London to Louis’s, Fredericton, stanley bridge , and to rustico it returned through margate and back to the valley. Tonight the groomer will do to loop in the valley and the bypass to grain elevators and margate to cell tower and back.  

Springside Trail

The groomer left home base late last night on the 209 to the 301 through Cornwall, the 213 to the railbed at Lank's and back to the 301 through to the 405 in North River as far as the bypass and back to the 301 and completed the original New Haven loop on route 409 - the new loop in New Haven was still in great shape.  He then headed back to home base on the 301 to the 209. SWe will be monitoring the weather this week to see when conditions will be suitable to send the groomer out again.  Unfortunately they are calling for mild temperatures during the days ahead and it is not looking good right now for the end of the week.

Island 4 Trail

The groomer was West on Rte 100 to Tignish and did the Mill River Trail, Rte 202.  Heading tonight East on Rte 100 to Miscouche.   He pushed as much snow as possible into the middle .


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