PEISA Trail System Closed For the Season

At this time the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association is announcing the official end of our successful 2020 snowmobile season. During these serious times we are encouraging all of our members to stay safe and we feel it is best to cease all grooming operations for the balance of the season. It has been one of the most successful snowmobile seasons across the entire province in several years with good snow conditions everywhere. With all governments in the world including our own Federal and Provincial governments encouraging social distances and staying home it would be counterproductive to be out encouraging our members to be out snowmobiling. We are also showing our support to the many other provincial snowmobile associations who have closed down their operations including NBFC (New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs), FCMQ (Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs), SANS (Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia) and OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs). At this time the PEISA would like to thank all the volunteers who help make this organization a success every year and also thank all of the dedicated members for their continued support year after year. We want to wish everyone and their families safe health in these troubling times.

Dale Hickox, President

Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association

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