Dear Members, Sponsors & Colleagues,

As I enter my second year as President of the Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association, I am excited about the upcoming season and the developments we have planned.

I was extremely lucky in my first year to have a great team of directors guide me through the ropes and I think we had an excellent season. We were successful in updating three pieces of grooming equipment in our fleet and securing a summer student to help with maintaining trail signage.

We have some great incentives in the works for our sponsors, and members this season we hope everyone will enjoy. We will be adding a Trail Manger to our staff this season with the goal of having a safe, reliable, and maintained trail system for all members.

I would like to say thank you to all partners and sponsors for your continued support, especially in the last couple of years with such uncertain times. We are optimistic that we will see a lot of visitors this season and we can show them how great winter tourism can be on Prince Edward Island. I encourage all members, friends, and visitors to support our partners and sponsors as they continue to support you.

Snowmobiling in Canada is 9.3-billion-dollar industry, and the International Snowmobile Manufactures Association study shows that main reasons people snowmobile are:

  1. To view the scenery
  2. To be with friends
  3. To get away from the usual demands of life
  4. To spend time with family
  5. To be close with nature.

What better place to do these things then Prince Edward Island. See you on the trails!


Ohh what fun it is to ride.

Grant Peters

President, PEISA