Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit national organization which through strong leadership provides support to our members and provides the unified voice of organized snowmobiling at the national and international levels. The CCSO-CCOM envisions that across Canada, organized snowmobile trail networks and riding areas provide a lasting legacy of responsible riding experiences that are highly valued, safe, enjoyable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The CCSO-CCOM strives to represent all organized snowmobiling Canadian jurisdictions to maintain a national understanding of the needs and expectations of snowmobilers across Canada. Members of the CCSO-CCOM perceive real value from their association with the national organization as well as other members. By participating in the CCSO-CCOM organization at the national level, members are better informed, have higher levels of consensus, attain more by working together and “achieve strength in numbers”. As a national federation, the CCSO-CCOM is professional, proactive and forward thinking. Decision making processes are accountable, transparent, inclusive and respectful of member interests and priorities. The CCSO-CCOM is enthusiastic and has a clear vision for the future of organized snowmobiling.


• To promote, foster and encourage by any and all proper and lawful means the welfare and betterment of snowmobile recreational activities in Canada;
• To promote and maintain a positive public image;
• To provide a medium of coordination on matters of mutual interests for all organizations and persons concerned with any aspect of snowmobile recreation and to cooperate with other industries, organizations, the general public, and provincial/territorial and federal officials on matters affecting the use of snowmobiles;
• To act as a resource for legislative activities regarding organized snowmobiling with the federal and/or provincial/territorial governments and to provide user groups with methods to secure government support;
• To act as support liaison agent and representative of snowmobile organizations in Canada at the federal/provincial/territorial government and national corporate levels;
• To act as an information agent for members or member organizations involved in organized snowmobiling in Canada;
• To act as an information agency for all Canadian citizens with respect to the advertising and promotion of safety programs;
• To promote a code of ethics appropriate to organized snowmobiling;
• To unite Canada’s snowmobile community into a strong voice representing issues at the national level;
• To maintain financial stability; and
• To foster and promote environmental awareness.
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