Central Groomer

Central Groomer left Winsloe Saturday evening and started to repair the trail to emerald after the traffic the was on it from the day.  Lots of sleds thru this area heading in both directions.  We decided to adjust where we were going to run again as for the traffic .  We ran the groomer to emerald and turned back to head to Mt Stewart to aid in the east efforts to get there system set for Sunday and the majority of the sleds heading that way.  We will be doing the same overnight Sunday and are planning to pass the north side trail on Monday.  Weather is not looking favorable towards Wednesday or Friday with rain forecasted on different weather models.  Just spoke to a crew from Tignish that left Winsloe this morning at 830 and returned at 730 and said it was really good.  It was getting a little choppy on the way back but met a bunch of sleds all day.. We can make a great system when we have the weather and conditions to do so. Still seeing alot of traffic in center of the trails.  Please stay to the right or we will have to start cutting the trail to get the bumps out of it and that we really hurt it with what is covering it in some areas.  I hope everyone enjoys what we have been doing and give the operators a thumbs up when seen on the trails.  Sled safe.  Stay Right.  What for the flashing lights at night.

Eastern Grooming

On February 14th the groomer left home base on the 313, heading to the Dundee and onto the 425 on route for Heatherdale and floating bridge. This trip was to focus on cutting out some of the hard and packed drifts caused by the mild weather and hard freeze this past weekend. We also hoped by making this run before more snow came it would help to fill in the bare spots on the trail. The groomer made several passes over troubled areas trying to workout a smooth trail. The groomer then returned to home base and will head out once the wind dies down on Friday, February 16th and will do a pass on all Eastern grooming trails before a big weekend of sledding. We will be hosting some grudge races Sunday, February 18th from 12pm to 3pm located at the Greenfield club house. This fundraiser will help to keep the groomer operating so we can have great trails for riding, please stop out to show your support to the Eastern Grooming Committee.

Eastern # 1 February 26 Update

The heavy rain on Saturday did not end the season as some had expected but it did make it harder to do some of the fields. Groomer # 1 left Grandview on Sunday evening and headed down the #104 from Grandview to Murray Harbour giving one pass to the Munn's Road and a double pass from Munn's Road to Murray Harbour and back. Groomer then followed the # 305 through the County Line Road back to Greenfield. It then headed to New Perth on the # 217 but we had to skip a couple of the fields in Greenfield because of water issues in the farmers fields. Hooked back on to the trail on the Mellish Pond Road and continued on to New Perth where we went to Georgetown on the # 103 and into Montague before returning early this morning to Grandview on the 217. Like I said a couple of the fields in Greenfield were not groomed but the majority was done and should be in good shape for the next couple of days before the real mild weather comes and hopefully doesn't completely destroy everything but it is going to be hard to keep the trail system with the expected weather forecast. If you are out enjoying the trails please ride safe and keep to the right.

Island # 4 February 26 Update

Groomer left Grandview heading for Ashton on the # 217 and # 221. There are a couple fields in Greenfield that were not able to be groomed due to some water laying in the fields, does not effect snowmobiles but groomer is heavier and we didn't want any issues. Groomer continued on the way to Ashton also avoiding a small section of trail near Dundas that also had water issues. Majority of the trail came out really good. When we arrived in Ashton after fueling in St. Peter's went into Souris and Elmira before returning back to Ashton and heading back down the #221 towards Grandview. As I write this report the groomer has another 3 or 4 hours to get back to home base. Hopefully this is not the end of our grooming season but the expected mild weather is not going to help our cause. Third groomer left Grandview last night and headed through Lake Verde on the # 104 to Mt. Stewart where it then groomed into Toymaster Motor Sports before returning and did the # 103 from Mount. Stewart to New Perth before returning back down the #104 to Lake Verde and then into Mt. Herbert on the # 105 and then returning to Grandview to see what the weather will bring us

KASA Trail

Hello everyone, the groomer has been on the go since late last night. It has completed the route from Granville to Rustico and is now getting ready to go out and groom the rest of our trail system. It will be out this morning so please use caution if you are out.

Springside Trail

Feb 20th Left home base 301 last night at 11 pm went to 209 through to Crapaud, then to Albany ,back on the 209 to Red Roster then 211 back to Fredericton, back to home base. Trails are in pretty good shape after that last snow. Ride right , watch for the flashing lights.

Western Trail

The trail to Tignish is groomed and in good shape,  with a little gravel around Elmsdale.   Tonight going toward Summerside as far as the snow lasts , probably Richmond.


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