Central Trail

With the mild weather it seems we are back to square one.  The railbed is very icy in spots and very bare in lots more.  The north side trail survived better but is not great.  Going to see what the ditches and road crossings look like but assuming it will be out of commission until we get more snow.  At this point grooming we cease until the conditions improve.  Start your snow dances again and lets see if we cant get a few more weeks out of this.  Seeing some pics from up west and still looks good farther west. Sled safe and stay to the right. Also please be aware after this mild spell WE WILL NOT BE GROOMING the grand river trail on MIscouche side.  I believe the western groomer agrees that there is not enough ice to be travelling that way.  IF you do proceed with caution.

Eastern Grooming

Eastern Grooming Committee. A little introduction to any one that may not  know us here at Eastern Grooming Community, we are a 100% volunteer group that was started to help improve and create new trails in the eastern end of the island we rely solely on our fundraising to be able to create and groom the trails in our area. We do the best we can with the volunteers we have.   On Wednesday, March 3rd Eastern Grooming Committee left our base in Greenfield and headed out to the trails. First grooming the 313 to Uigg then doubling back the 313 extension to the 305 then headed to floating bridge on the 425. Friday, March 5, the groomer left base in greenfield grooming the 313 to Uigg and surrounding areas then proceeded to the 313 extension and on to do the 425 to floating bridge due to high traffic and people running in the middle of trail. Please remember to stay right, the trail will last longer for everyone to enjoy.

Eastern 1 Trail

Groomer is leaving tonight when it is cold enough. Plan is to trail #104 from Grandview to east Uigg then turn on the #217 towards Greenfield. We will do to New Perth and then the #103 to Mt.Stewart will be done before returning the same route back to Grandwiew. With the upcoming mild weather our trail system in the east could be in jeopardy because we have not been blessed with a large amount of snow this year. Hopefully we can survive this and be able to continue on for a few more weeks.

Island 4 Trail

Groomer went out last night from Vernon River on the 104 rail bed, groomed the 217 through Greenfield and down the 305 to Munn's Rd. Groomer returned the same way, completing two passes on those trails. Unfortunately, the warm weather has limited us to grooming at night.

KASA Trail

Groomer was out last night and spent some extra time to the drifted areas. Went to Granville through margate and Fredricton, Rustico and back . Earlier in the day it did the 402 to new London . This morning in went and did bypass and spring valley loop. Tonight it will go again and do Rustico, Fredricton, Stanley, and back to Spring Valley.

Springside Trail

The groomer left this afternoon from home base on route 209 heading to the 301 to Cornwall, on the 213 to the railbed at Lanks and back to the 301, to the 405 to North River, the 409 through New Haven will head back on the 301 to the 209 through Brookvale to the railbed in Fredericton and back towards home base and then west on route 209 to the bridge in Crapaud and back to home base as reports are there isn't much snow past this section to groom. Will see how he gets along.  He is flattening out as much of the trail as possible.  There are probably spots that need more snow but are trying to do the best with what we have to work with.  We will find that out as he goes along what the conditions are like.  Unfortunately, this may be the last trip of the season as Mother Nature is gonna turn up the heat very soon, and if we don't get a big dumping of snow to counteract that - this may be it.

Island 4 trail

The groomer went as far as Richmond on Rte 100 , has turned coming back and doing the West Point Loop , Rte 201.  The best part of the trail is from West Devon to Tignish.


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