Central Trail

Grooming started Sunday Morning with the groomer heading west towards Summerside.  We only did the main railbed past Reids corner as water was still sitting in the fields across from Green Diamond and off the Rail Bed.  Groomer came back to Winsloe and did a Driver Change and did the trail towards Borden.  We are trying to cut the trail where we can as the mild temp on saturday did more damage to the railbed then the rain did.  Groomer Left Winsloe again and went back to Summerside and did the Warburton Road(route 208) and is doing the Grand River trail presently(route 204).  The snow is fluff and will easily blow off in areas and will not stick very well.  Hopefully in will process well enough to stick to the areas it is needed.  Plan is to do a driver change later this evening and go back toward Borden and back to Charlottetown.  We are planning to do a double pass on the North Side Trail (route 212) thru the day Tuesday.  We plan to try to keep the groomer going as much as we can til the weather shifts  later this week.  Sled safe as the snow is very hard underneath.  

Eastern Grooming

Eastern Grooming Committee. A little introduction to any one that may not  know us here at Eastern Grooming Community, we are a 100% volunteer group that was started to help improve and create new trails in the eastern end of the island we rely solely on our fundraising to be able to create and groom the trails in our area. We do the best we can with the volunteers we have.   On Wednesday, March 3rd Eastern Grooming Committee left our base in Greenfield and headed out to the trails. First grooming the 313 to Uigg then doubling back the 313 extension to the 305 then headed to floating bridge on the 425. Friday, March 5, the groomer left base in greenfield grooming the 313 to Uigg and surrounding areas then proceeded to the 313 extension and on to do the 425 to floating bridge due to high traffic and people running in the middle of trail. Please remember to stay right, the trail will last longer for everyone to enjoy.

Eastern 1 Trail

The #1 groomer left after the snow eased up Monday evening headed to mount Stewart on the 104 then to Toymaster on the 100 doubling back on to saint peters Elmira and then did the 106 into Souris groomer came back to mount Stewart and turned onto the 105 coming down to lake Verde then headed into mount Herbert on the 105 groomer doubled back to the 104 to Grandview for fuel and is now heading back to make double and triple passes on all the trails again. sled safe (stay right) and watch for the flashing lights

Island 4 Trail

Groomer #4 went back out last night, grooming from Grandview on the 104 railbed to the 217 in Uigg, through Greenfield to New Perth, onto the 103 to Pisquid River. It double backed from there grooming into Georgetown and the 107 into Brudenell. The groomer then went up the 221 to Ashton through Dundas. On it's return from Ashton the groomer went over the 311 in Lorne Valley and is currently on its way to Pisquid River on the 103 railbed.

KASA Trail

Groomer was out last night and spent some extra time to the drifted areas. Went to Granville through margate and Fredricton, Rustico and back . Earlier in the day it did the 402 to new London . This morning in went and did bypass and spring valley loop. Tonight it will go again and do Rustico, Fredricton, Stanley, and back to Spring Valley.

Springside trail

Left from home base (Appin Rd) towards Lanks (213), Cornwall (315) and North River (317) Headed back on the (301) to complete New Haven E & W (303) and back to home base.

Western Groomer

Last night the groonerwent West on Rte 100 to Tignish , going is still good on main trail . Also did the Duvar end of the West Point Loop to the mink farm .


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