PEI Snowmobile Associations Most FQA’s

How do I prevent snowmobilers from crossing my private property?

We do not condone people riding on private property without permission – if this has happened to you, we suggest:


  • Placing signs “Private Property, No Trespassing, etc” on the property
  • If signs do not help, we suggest speaking to your local authorities
Are walkers permitted to use the trails during the winter?
What do I do if I lost/damaged my trail pass?
  • Lost permits can not be replaced. No exceptions
  • Damaged permits can be replaced if purchaser can provide all documentation of purchase AND also have the damaged permit to return.
Where can I purchase a trail pass?

Purchase a trail pass HERE

What is the price of a trail pass?

Find the price of a trail passes HERE

What year is considered vintage?

Currently any snowmobile 2003 and older is considered vintage

How do I receive my family permit rebate?

Apply to receive your family permit rebate HERE

How big is the PEI Snowmobile Association trail system?

Approximately 900 kilometers

How many members does the PEI Snowmobile Association have?

Approximately 3000 families are involved with snowmobiling on PEI

What is the age limit to drive a snowmobile on the trails?

Any person driving a snowmobile under the age of 16

  • Must be accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license
  • Adult must cross any roads for the underage person


Read our FAQs or contact us by email at admin@peisa.ca

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