The groomer left this afternoon from home base on route 209 heading to the 301 to Cornwall, on the 213 to the railbed at Lanks and back to the 301, to the 405 to North River, the 409 through New Haven will head back on the 301 to the 209 through Brookvale to the railbed in Fredericton and back towards home base and then west on route 209 to the bridge in Crapaud and back to home base as reports are there isn’t much snow past this section to groom.

Will see how he gets along.  He is flattening out as much of the trail as possible.  There are probably spots that need more snow but are trying to do the best with what we have to work with.  We will find that out as he goes along what the conditions are like.  Unfortunately, this may be the last trip of the season as Mother Nature is gonna turn up the heat very soon, and if we don’t get a big dumping of snow to counteract that – this may be it.

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