The #4 groomer has been on the go for the last 48 hours straight without any plans of stopping. The groomer left Monday morning with the box drag to punch open trails heading first on the 217 through Greenfield and onto the 103 railbed to Mount Stewart. From there, it continued east on the 100 railbed to Ashton, where the groomer found a lot of large drifts from the recent storm. From Ashton, it turned down the 221 through Dundas and Cardigan and made it’s way back to Grandview to hook onto a drag.

Leaving home base with a drag, the groomer went up the 217 though Greenfield, onto the 103 to Mount Stewart, doubling back and went to Georgetown and Brudenell. From there it went up the 221 to Ashton, then continued east to Souris and Elmira, where it is currently operating.

The snow is quite hard and patchy but hopefully, with any luck will make a great base for the winter.

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