Sunday morning after the storm the #4 groomer left Grandview to punch through snow banks and drifts. Over the last number of days of non-stop drift busting, the groomer has managed to open up, in no particular order,  the 217 from Uigg to New Perth through Greenfield, the 103 railbed from Mt Stewart to Georgetown, the 107 railbed into Brudenell, the 221 from Cardigan to Ashton, the 104 railbed from Uigg to Murray Harbour, the 305 county line trail from Murray River to Greenfield, and worked in tandem with the Eastern #1 to open up from Mt Stewart to St Peter’s.

After 96 hours of opening up trails with the box drag, the groomer has now hooked on the grooming drag and has currently completed from Grandview on the 104 railbed to the 217 in Uigg, through Greenfield to the 103 railbed in New Perth. From there, it travelled to Mt Stewart on the 103 and is now on it’s way to Georgetown.


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