There has been lots happening but we are not making the progress we would like to see.  90+ cm of snow and winds over 100km made the central area almost impassable.  We started up sunday evening leaving Winsloe and only making it to Darlington before we were stuck the first time.  After having an excavator come to assist we were able to make it emerald by monday evening and we were stuck again.  Excavator number two to the rescue.  Big thanks to the operators, not many can say that its easy being an groomer operator.  Also thanks to the crew of volunteers that helped to try to unstuck the groomer in emerald.We decide to bust banks to Summerside with only the tractor on tuesday and were succesful back to emerald.  There is a lack of snow around the Summerside area so be careful.  Do not go where we do not have permission.  This is a sensitive area and most not be abused.  Wednesday started out to Borden but  a hydraulic issue shut us down early.  Started again thursday to Borden with tractor alone and were again successful.  We put the box drag back on and return to Borden before a shift change and went to Summerside last night.  Friday morning we switch back to the drag for the first pass to Summerside and again went as far as green diamond for the lack of snow in the fields.  Thanks to Curran and briggs for removing the snow banks along the north road powerline trail. Some were as high as 20ft.  We are presently on the way back to emerald for a shift change before dragging to Borden and returning to Winsloe overnight.  GPS Issues we know are still happening and hope to have resolved this weekend.  Plan is to try to bust thru the north side trail on saturday.  There are reports of trees down so sled carefully there.   Land owners are calling saying sleds are not staying to trails.  This is how we lose trails.  One Person says the sleds are driving 20ft next to her house and no trail signs are near the house.  We are hopefully on the up swing with things as we too were struck by the isolation bug of Covid.  Remember, trails are tight and high banked in areas now so slow down, stay right and what out for big green tractors with lights.  Hopefully we can get a snowfall with no wind here in the near future

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