Thursday evening the #1 groomer, left Grandview on the 104 headed to the 105 into Mount Herbert then back to the 104 into Mount Stewart. Groomed the 100 into Winsloe then the groomer proceeded back onto the 100 to Mount Stewart, St.Peters and then to Elmira. Doubling back to the 106 into Souris and then back to Mount Stewart on the 100 and then to Grandview on the 104 before parking late Friday evening due to high sled traffic. Saturday evening the groomer left Grandview on the 104 headed to Mount Stewart and then to Winsloe on the 100, doubling back to Mount Stewart getting on the 103 through peaks to the 217 in new Perth grooming the 217 through greenfield with double passes  on all the fields before heading back to the 104 in Vernon river then returned to home base early Sunday morning

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