Groomer left early last night and went to emerald and continued on to Borden.  Operator was able to do more of a cut with the drag in the bad areas with the temps a little milder.  as the temps dropped thru the night it was setting up the trail really well. Groomer than left Winsloe mid morning and made another pass on the North Side Loop (route 212). Operator spent a little time doing more of a cut in the rough fields and widening the trails where he could. He went to the Colville road end and doubled back to Union Road.  Groomer will be leaving early morning to head west to Summerside and Miscouche and back to town before the mild weather on friday.  Hope the system continues as predicted as may get some wet snow that wont all blow into the woods.  Sled safe and stay right.  Watch out for big green groomers with flashing lights.  They can be on the go at all times so be careful


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