The #4 groomer left home base Sunday evening after the storm with the box drag to bust drifts, and push back snow at road crossings. It left Grandview on the 104 railbed headed to the 217 through Greenfield, up the 103 through Peakes to Pisquid River. It double backed on the 103 to Georgetown and Brudenell. From there, it opened up the 221 through Dundas to Ashton. From Ashton, the groomer headed straight back to Grandview to hook on the drag. It groomed down the 104 railbed to the 217, up the 217 through Greenfield, onto the 103 to Mount Stewart, down the 100 to Winlsoe, doubling back and groomed into Outrider’s on the 102. It groomed the 100 back to Mt Stewart and down the 104 through Lake Verde. Lots of snow down, trails are not perfect yet so please snowmobile with caution, and stay to the right.

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