The Western Groomer has been fixed and is currently being floated west from the shop and will be on the trail this evening heading to Tignish with the compactor. It will be a vey slow process especially after Elmsdale as this is where it had to stop last Monday. I would like to send a huge Thank You to Morley Annear Ltd. for picking up a second track in Quebec and bringing it straight to PEI and for floating the Groomer West today after the track was installed. Also a Huge Thank You to the workers at Grandview Welding who installed the track as soon as it arrived this morning. We had a track being delivered on Wednesday night however with a back log at a Depot in Moncton the track would not be unloaded there and shipped to PEI till next week and we were not able to pick it up ourselves in Moncton till at least Sunday due to the back log of trailers to be unloaded( hope no one else is waiting for something big coming through that depot…. they might have a wait). The operators will be working long days and nights to get the trails back in shape. This was a great snow fall to get and will definitely help the cross country loops. Thank you.

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