Groomer got thru the North Side Loop(route 212) Last night and early this morning and was able to do a double pass where permitted.  Central then did a driver change and left towards Summerside to attempt to start  widening the rail bed in spots.  A slight misjudgement and no snow after a drift and we were stuck outside Hunter River for a few Hours.  A huge thanks To Island Coastal and there team.  When able they come right away.  Presently the groomer is in Summerside area and plan to head back toward Charlottetown and open the Warburton Road (route208) tonight.  Weather outlook for Queens county is not great with 20-30mm of rain tomorrow.  This will hurt in low snow areas and may settle some of the drifted areas.  Hope to be out thru the week to cut back some of these areas if weather is good.  Lots of traffic over everywhere yesterday.  Enjoy when it is good folks.  Sled safe and STAY TO THE RIGHT.  Operators are saying about sledders in the middle of the trails and near misses and such.  Sleds are travelling alot faster than the 15km an hour the groomers are going.

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