Grooming started Sunday Morning with the groomer heading west towards Summerside.  We only did the main railbed past Reids corner as water was still sitting in the fields across from Green Diamond and off the Rail Bed.  Groomer came back to Winsloe and did a Driver Change and did the trail towards Borden.  We are trying to cut the trail where we can as the mild temp on saturday did more damage to the railbed then the rain did.  Groomer Left Winsloe again and went back to Summerside and did the Warburton Road(route 208) and is doing the Grand River trail presently(route 204).  The snow is fluff and will easily blow off in areas and will not stick very well.  Hopefully in will process well enough to stick to the areas it is needed.  Plan is to do a driver change later this evening and go back toward Borden and back to Charlottetown.  We are planning to do a double pass on the North Side Trail (route 212) thru the day Tuesday.  We plan to try to keep the groomer going as much as we can til the weather shifts  later this week.  Sled safe as the snow is very hard underneath.


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