Groomer left Charlottetown Tuesday Morning and began to break down the drifts.  There is good snow in areas and very little in others.  The main trail is done to Rieds Corner in summerside.  We took the new turn off towards the highway heading towards Green Diamond and like most the area around there no snow in the fields and good snow at the hedge and tree lines.  The Dekker Road area is the same.  Field little to no snow and hedge line is good.  Please be respectful of the landowners around this area.  This is a very sensitive area and if we lose it it will be difficult to find away around.  Stick to the marked trail please.  The Power line was drifted in alot but made multiple passes and have it broke down now.  Groomer return back to Emerald for fuel and began doing the trail to borden and returned to Emerald early this morning.  The groomer and drag are parked in emerald  today so if out sled with caution in that area.  Its big and green and not hard to miss.  Stay right and sled safe.  Hopefully we see some more white gold this weeked.

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