Groomer Left Winsloe monday morning and headed east on the 100 to Borden.  Snow is taking a pounding but is still good for the conditions that we have. Groomer returned to winsloe monday evening.  We are now(tuesday) Heading towards Summerside on Route 100 East and plan on opening the Warburton Road trail for KASA now that it is marked.  Please stay to the trail markers that are in the fields as we have been alot of calls from land owners complaining of crop damage from sledders.  This is one of the reasons why some of the cross country trails have not been groomed yet as for fear of crop damage on the private lands that we use.  Transportation has also called saying with the upcoming weather they will be opening alot of the ditches for water to flow so be careful when approaching all road crossings.  The weather has gotten a bit better than it was 2 days ago so hopefully it keeps changing for the better .  Sled safe and stay right.  If given the opportunity, thank the groomer operators and volunteers.  Without them we would not have what we got.

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