As I write this report the Eastern1 and Island 4 have now been running for 43 consecutive hours and we are starting to see some progress. Yesterday we were able to get to Georgetown on Route 103 from Mt. Stewart as well as Trail # 222 into Montague. The pair of groomers then headed towards Ashton on Route # 221 where once again they came across enormous drifts and amounts of snow. We have been very fortunate so far that the two machines have been together because we were able to quickly get going when the lead machine happened to get stuck a couple of times. Both groomers are finishing up in Souris now as they have completed the trip to Elmira on Route # 100. Please note their is now a new section of trail from Elmira back to the Souris Line Road for those who make the trip to the most Eastern section of our trail system. Groomers will be heading back on the #100 towards St. Peter’s and Morrell where hopefully the snow banks and drifts will not be as bad as we fear they could be. After getting to Mt. Stewart we will be heading back to pick up the drags after doing into Mt. Herbert on trail #105. As you all know this has been a tremendous undertaking getting these trails opened and I heard from several sledders indicating that the job the two machines are doing with the compactors is very good, not perfect but very rideable. If you are riding the trails in these conditions I just want to remind everyone to slow down and ride safe. I just want to thank the operators for their dedication and snowmobilers for being patient as we work through this major snow event in the east.

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